Seller Guide | How to Manage Orders

How to Manage Orders

With this feature, the seller can intimate admin about the status of the order step by step. When the order is placed & received, then admin & seller can mark the order prepare status on various stages including downloading shipping label & customer invoice.


Once an order is placed, the shipping status will set to “collect” at the seller panel  


Now the seller will click the “collect” button for a corresponding order to notify the admin to collect the product. Here admin will receive an email regarding the same. Now at the admin side, the shipping status of that order is in the “Collect” state and at the seller side, it’s “Pending”.



Once admin accepts & clicks the “collect” button for an order, the status changes to “collecting” at both sides.

order status


order status

Stage-5 (a)

In Marketplace shipping, Admin fulfillment agent would contact the Seller for Shipment Pick up.

Stage-5 (b)

The Seller from the Seller Panel, in the Order view page, on the lower right hand side, would be able to download and print the Shipping label (which needs to be pasted on the packet) & Customer Invoice (which needs to be enclosed in the packet along with the product)

          Orders label print


Now the admin collects the product. To notify the seller, mark the collecting button to “collected” at both sides.

NOTE:  In case, the seller is unable to mark collect the order in the mentioned time interval, then the order gets expired, then, in this case, the order gets refunded.


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