Seller Guide | How to Manage Seller Panel

Seller Panel

Maneraa Seller Panel gives the Seller access to add, modify & update Seller store information, Seller Profile, Pick up address, Bank details for receiving payments, Product listings, Inventory management, Pricing, Order management, Payment Updates etc 
Seller Dashboard
On successful login, Seller will be directed to the Seller Dashboard.
   seller dashboard
The seller can have a view of the products listed, orders, Seller earnings, commission/margin (admin share in the order), etc at the dashboard.
The Seller can manage the invoice and all the other configuration (if enabled from the admin). The Major settings here are Invoice settings & GST settings under the Configurations in the Dropdown menu.
1. Invoice Configuration
 seller panel pic 1
2. GST Configuration
seller panel pic 2
3. Profile
Sellers can manage their profile from the “My Account” submenu under the Profile menu. With my account page, the seller profile page pic, banner image, and all the seller information can be managed
seller panel
4. Payment Details
Under the “Payment Details” submenu, a seller can add the details of the payment mode by which the seller wishes to receive his earning from Admin
 seller panel pic 4
Product Listing, Amendments, Inventory updates and Order Management can refer from corresponding heads.
Product Listing:
Order Listing:
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