Seller Guide | How to Add Products

How to Add Products

This section will explain the Seller How to Add the products through the Seller Portal individually. Go to Products >> Product listing, all listed product-related information will be available and here the seller can add, edit, viewed and deleted the products

Seller Products
Below you can see the Add Product Form:
Add Products
This way you can add the product.
We have another menu here: Products > Smart Collections: A list of all the automated/smart collections. Instead of adding Category, Seller needs to add the collections name as per smart collections in the Tags
Smart Collection • Multivendor MarketPlace
Further, from the “bulk edit” option under more Actions on the top right, the seller can bulk edit the products (for inventory & price change in bulk) for the added products (Refer to How to Manage Inventory). And can add the products via CSV file to the Portal also through Bulk Product Upload.
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