Maneraa Story

At Maneraa, we think on behalf of our consumers, that’s You, when we choose the Designers, Brands & Sellers. Maneraa is a new-age multi-brand e-commerce platform that seeks to provide affordable and curated fashion and lifestyle choices to both large and small budgets.

Founded by a dynamic team in Mid 2019, Maneraa is an omni channel online shopping platform that is ‘made in India, India to the world’.

Derived from Italian Word “La Maniera” which means way, manner, style, Maneraa is all about the attitude or the way you look at the world.

We, the founding team, recognized the vast potential for affordable fashion in India as most of the population has Internet access and is fashion-conscious rather than being brand-conscious, and Maneraa was born - an equal-opportunity platform for all.

We intend to support small, unbranded fashion retailers, designers & entrepreneurs, recognizing their potential, to share their unique products with an world-wide market on an online e-commerce aggregator platform.

Our objective is to make Affordable Fashion & Lifestyle easily accessible, an equal opportunity platform that bridges the gap between Aspiration & Access.

Maneraa Online Fashion store was the initial concept and the idea was to gather renowned Fashion stores, Designers and Brands along with Small Scale Entrepreneurs & Fashion Creators under one umbrella to provide the ultimate shopping experience for Fashion & Lifestyle to the consumers in India & abroad.

Fashion is no longer the domain of the urban elite. Young men and women, irrespective of demographics/region are increasingly developing a taste for looking good without spending too much. That is all about Maneraa Online Shopping!!! We mean that.

Our Vision is to provide shoppers the desired uniqueness and exclusivity in their wardrobe through beautiful designer wear that does not come with a hefty price tag.

The concept & mission behind our brand is to recognise the potential for small, unbranded fashion & lifestyle retailers, to help them manage quality and to give them an opportunity to share their unique products with the world-wide market on an e-commerce aggregator platform. Maneraa is an equal-opportunity platform that bridges the gap between aspiration and access for both buyers and sellers.