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In the recent era, every woman is looking for fashion-forward trends that are both cool and affordable. The vast availability of western wear for women online lets you choose the best western outfits, including shirts, t-shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts, and trousers available in different styles and patterns. Find the occasion-specific western outfits from the trend-setting collection, which covers all the types that range from t-shirts and tank tops to the working women's essential that includes peplum dresses, A-line skirts, to formal trousers. Inspired by the various cultures and international trips, Maneraa has come up with varied evergreen styles that are put up with an individual twist. We offer a huge range of western outfits for women at attractive prices.

Western Dress for Ladies

Various western dresses for ladies are scattered across multiple sidewalks and Instagram posts. Evolving fashion trends has become essential in today's world. Western dress for women has become a trendsetter, you will find some that are evergreen and some that evolve over the years and come back to the market after a few years. One of the trends that never seems to fade away is stripped dresses and tops, freshen up your look with classic patterns and big and bold classic pinstripes. These can be worn around either wearing a striped top that you bought trendy western wear collection and pair it up with solid trousers or vice versa to make a perfect contrast.

Bodycon Dresses With Vertical Stripes

A trend that can never be out of date is a bodycon dress with vertical stripes. Pair these up with oversized denim jackets and sneakers to get the most casual and easy to carry look. This western wear for women adds more style and colour to your wardrobe.

Workwear to get Weekend Vibes

Take your pinstripes from the workwear section of the latest western dress for ladies. Pair your formal striped pants with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Up your style quotient by wearing western wear for women of the 90s famous polka dots, pair this up with a leather jacket and leather boots to get the chick look.
Bring out that inner fashionista in you by pairing your dress with polka dots with simple yet effective layering. Take you to lookup by a notch by layering it up with ankle-length boots and a jacket.

Suppose you are fond of the bohemian culture. In that case, this trend is meant for you, wear a flowy longline shirt and pair it with distressed jeans and heels, Finish the look with various fashion accessories to even out the silhouette's softness.

Another trend that has been an all-time favourite is the off-shoulder top that adds a chic and vibrant look to any dress or top. You can either try a casual look with shorts and sneakers or go for a dressed-up look with a clutch and high heels and cigarette pants.

The latest fashion trends bring out the playful nature by including active checks, breezy floral motifs, polka dots, and ruffles. If you love to keep with all the recent market trends, it is essential to incorporate these styles and patterns in your fashion closet.

Buy Western Wears Online on Maneeraa

Maneraa has everything that can be offered in the name of online western dress for ladies. We have come up with the latest and trendiest designs for all types of women's western wear, tops, shirts, skirts, trousers, everything that a woman requires to get a fashion-forward look in every event. Our main aim is to provide you with a solution for all the fashion dilemmas you may have regarding western wear for women for different occasions. We have the most unique and personality flattering western clothes for ladies in various silhouettes, colours, prints, and fabrics. Our western dress for women ensures a proper fit for every body type.

With the various western outfits for women available on our site, which is inclusive of sexy mini dresses to a sophisticated maxi dress, you are ready to glam up every event that you plan to attend in the future. We are all about unique, ground-breaking trends that are ramp ready.

Maneraa Collection of Trendy Western Outfits

Clothing was once necessary to protect humans from the heat and the cold, but it has become a fashion quotient, so it is important to style them the right way to develop the most unique and trendy look in the room. We at Maneraa have come up with clothes that can take care of everyone's specific requirements. We have got western wear for women that are dressy as well as ones which are casual to suit everyone's needs. Our vast collection of western dresses for ladies comprises every type, style, shape, and trends that you may love to wear.

If you are inclined to minimalistic trends, you can choose from our everyday collection, whereas if you are ready to put In the effort and time to get a dressy look, you can choose our party wears. Whether you are looking for office wear from the collection of western outfits for women or looking for party wear, you can find everything you require right here.

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Every woman needs to be fitting with a collection of casual western wear for women and the dressier options. All women want to look their best in the latest trends. Since dresses are known to give out feminine vibes stocking up a couple of these dresses can save you from a disastrous look in any event.

A few dresses that every woman should stock up in their closets include:

Midi Dresses

These end at the knees or middle calf and are best suited for official or semi-formal events. The dresses' length generally makes you look slimmer and works well for women with a petite figure.

Maxi Dress

These go down to the ankle-length and are best suited if you are a tall woman. These dresses look good on every body type, whether you are rectangular-shaped, apple-shaped, or slim.

Mini Dresses

Do you have a party coming up, or are you planning on going out for a night out with the girls then? These can help you get the perfect chic look.

Off-shoulder Dress

An all-time favourite for women who love western wear to flaunt certain skin levels is best suited for women who have a muscular, athletic figure and can help show off those toned arms.

Skater Dress

These are fitted to the waist and flatter out after that, these are suitable for women with all body types as the fitted waist helps hide the flaws and accentuate the assets.

Bodycon Dress

These are tight-fitted body-hugging dresses that are generally made up of spandex or any other stretchable material. This western dress for women mold as per your body shape.


These are undoubtedly one of the trendiest outfits that every woman should stock up in their wardrobes. If you are looking for a western outfit that you can pull off with absolute ease, then these are meant for you.


A collection of tops can be an answer to every "what to wear" question. There are several types of awnings available online in the group for western wear for women. We have stocked up your favourite styles in stripes, florals, and abstract geometries. The next time you go shopping for a western dress for ladies, don't forget to add the following latest western wear to your shopping cart.

Crop Tops

If there is a style that can never go out of fashion, it is the crop top. If you are going for an effortlessly chic look, pair them up with trousers or shorts and a pair of sneakers. This belly showing trend is slim and trim, but it is also for women with a slightly heavier body. They can hide their flaws by wearing a high rise trouser.

Wrap Tops

This kind of western dress for women are two layers of clothes that are wrapped around one another. It is incredibly figure-flattering and versatile and can be listed as a lazy girl guide to style their tops.

Peplum Tops

This is an absolute wardrobe essential for western dress lovers. If you are looking for western outfits for women that can be worn throughout the day, then you have found the solution. These have the best silhouettes and perfectly compliments every individual.


The first thing that comes into a woman's mind when she thinks about western outfits for women is a T-shirt. These are comfortable, chic, and easy to style. Even though it is mostly used as casual wear, you can also use it as a party wear if you know how to accessorize them.


When it comes to a formal setting that can include an office date or a meeting, formal shirts are the best fits. Shirts are available as formal and informal wear and can be styled according to the specific occasion.

Jeans & Trousers

Jeans & Trousers have become an essential part of ladies western wear nowadays. You can see women wearing them figuratively by laying out the latest trends and building an entire business empire wearing them.


These have become an all-time favourite for every woman, and I can't imagine going out without them. Their versatile bottom wears can be paired with different tops and shirts according to the occasion's need. These can be high-rise, low-rise, or mid-raise. Unlike in the past, you can find jeans in various colours and designs and not only denim blues.


If you are tired of wearing the same old jeans every day, then give yourself a break and gift yourself with trousers, one of the largest categories for western wear for women. You have formal trousers like cigarette pants, narrow bottom pants, and casual options such as harems and palazzos.


If you take your fashion seriously, then you ought to have a few pairs of classy shorts in your closet. Even though it might not seem so, these are incredibly versatile pieces of western outfit for women and can even be worn during the winters by wearing boots and stockings.


We have come up with a collection of skirts that include mini, midi, pencil, and long skirts of every length and design suited for every occasion.

Jackets & Coats

Jackets & Coats are not just for the winters and are an essential part of ladies western wear. Jackets are all season and help to save up our look. Whereas if you are looking forward to a formal meeting, choose a solid-coloured coat to bring an elegant touch to your face.

Why Choose Maneraa for Western Wear?

If you wish to make a prominent statement, fashion says it all without speaking up. Maneraa has come up with head-turning trends from all over the globe. We have covered you from day to night with the grand collection of unique styles, colours, types, and sizes in our western dresses for women.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of tops every woman should own?

The different types of tops that should be stocked up in the closet includes Bardot tops, asymmetric tops, bralettes, bodysuits.

2. What are the different styles in western wears?

These include classy and chic styles, which include elegant bottoms and dressy tops and dresses.

3. Are there any offers available on western wear online?

You will find several sites providing you offers throughout the year and different offers during festive seasons.

4. What are western formal dresses?

These are dresses that are divided into a full dress or half dress or day and evening wear.

5. How to accessorise your western wear?

You can wear sunglasses, carry a clutch or a sling bag, and wear heels, pumps, or sneakers according to the look you want.