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      Whether you accept it or not, the saree is the epitome of grace and beauty, among all the other women's wear available in the market, these six inches of clothing bring out the best in every woman in the most traditional way to keep the culture alive. India has its diverse cultures, and every saree brings out the soul and principles of a specific place.

      You know that the saree has been around for more than 2000 years, and you will find mentions of various styles and forms in the medieval texts that have changed and evolved over the years. Saree truly brings out India's colours as skilled artisans take inspiration from the various landscapes and flora and fauna.

      Ladies Saree Shopping at Maneraa

      At Maneraa, we have the most versatile options and the top trends for online saree shopping. Even though the sarees are suitable for every occasion, it might be easy to choose the right type of material or style for a particular, especially with the vast range of options available online. Buy sarees online from Our boundless collection. We boast an exquisite collection of silk, banarasi, cotton, chiffon, embroidered, and even designer sarees to suit every age group and ethnicity.

      Latest Sarees for Women

      With the wide variety of options available for saree, there are more excellent opportunities to try new trends, if you check out the recent trends to buy sarees online, most women are going for the offbeat look. If you are looking for fashion that brings out simplicity, then go for a monochrome style, if minimalism is your style, try this trend with a long-sleeved high-neck blouse to get a simple yet beautiful look.

      Do you feel congested with all the extra detailing and want something light and comfortable to wear on a hot summer day? Then cotton sarees for women are the best option, what makes them even better is their versatility as they can be worn on every occasion, whether it is casual or formal. You are sure to fall for the simplicity and the variations of colour options available in this type. So it's essential to stock up on cotton sarees for women.

      When you buy sarees online, try to go for something unique, wear a belt around the waistline, look for vertical stripes, and finally look for a distinctive blouse with bright blends of colours.

      Did you think that white was a colour that can only be worn by the old? You have misunderstood the trend. If you have a wedding coming up and have no idea what to wear, try a white saree draped in a trendy fashion.

      Find Latest Sarees Online on Maneeraa

      If you are searching for an e-commerce platform to buy sarees online that has lined up with all the varieties of sarees in different colours and fabrics, then Maneraa is one of the best options for you. What should you add to your saree wardrobe to make it unique? We would say it's ideal to have all the trends in harmony with the tradition, and that is what inspires us with our collection of saree, which is lined up with the latest trends such as lace works, stripes, monochromes.

      The traditional sarees for women are swathed in evergreen types such as the Banarasi, kanjivaram, bandhani, etc. Not only that, India is the land of colours, and since the diversity of the country inspires the outfits, the sarees with vibrant hues are sure to draw everyone's attention.

      Our site for online saree shopping has been listed with all the different colours starting from the bold black, solid colours to more vibrant options such as yellow, green, pink, red, etc.

      Even though there are significantly fewer chances that you might not like something that you have both online from our store, but in case you don't want any of the outfits, you can easily exchange or return the product within seven days of the purchase. We have also got the best customer care network dedicated to helping you with your queries and problems within 24 hours.

      Maneraa Collection Of Trendy Sarees Online

      Sarees for women are an all-time fashion favourite for every woman who wants to bring out their best features in a traditional way. Over the centuries, the sarees in its never-ending styles and types have gained immense popularity across the globe and has become an official costume for all women in the Indian subcontinent. Saree is an epitome of beauty and brings out the sensuality and feminism in women. With its popularity, online saree shopping has become popular.

      Designer Sarees

      When you buy designer sarees online, keep in mind choosing reliable and dark colour options, and make sure that your saree is not heavy, it can have a few delicate embroidery and stitches. Still, it shouldn't be too rigid and should have an excellent fall to make you look slim and trim. Heavy works on the body should be avoided as they can make you look bulkier and shorter. One of the trends that have become famous among the youth is the half and half saree that displays the flair of a lehenga and the lustrous look of a saree. If you are looking for a blend of affluence and simplicity for an upcoming party, buy sarees online to get a killer look.

      Silk Sarees

      Silk sarees are known to evoke a lavish and decadent look in itself. It is known for its rich heritage and its traditional culture. Silk is a material favoured by all women irrespective of their ethnicity and age.

      Various Types of Silk Sarees

      Assam Silk

      It is known for its lightweight and delicate features, the traditional silk trendy sarees online are handwoven and take around a month to complete.

      Art Silk Sarees

      It is also known as artificial silk sarees and is produced from synthetic fibres that resemble silk. It is more slippery and distinguishable from natural silk.

      Banarasi Silk

      Brides often wear Banarasi silk as a symbol of richness and divinity. It features gold works, compact weaving, and figurines with small details.

      Baluchari Silk

      It originated from a small village called Blucher in Murshidabad. It is one of the award winners for main weaving styles and should be wardrobe constants for all fashionistas. Find the best quality yet cheap sarees online.

      Bomkai Silk

      It is a speciality of Odisha. It is also known as sonepuri sarees and is hand-loomed.

      Bhalagpuri silk

      During the Industrial Revolution, it had come into existence and is the perfect type for a hot summer day due to its material. Go for online saree shopping today and add one to your collection.

      Cotton Sarees

      Cotton sarees as the best when you are looking for comfort and a simple yet elegant look. It gives a feeling of comfort and a taste of grace and persona.

      Sambalpur Saree

      Odisha is very famous for its vast choices of sarees available in different materials and styles, one such type is a Sambalpur saree. It is known for its other weaving techniques and motifs like flowers, wheels, and shells.


      It is a beautiful Bengali saree that is available in various designs and colours and is both classy and comfortable at the same time.


      It is named after a small town called Kanjipuram in Bengaluru. Even though they are more popular as silk sarees, these bright coloured sarees are also available in cotton.


      It is one of the most comfortable and breathable traditional materials made by hand-spinning cotton yarns. These are a summer staple for every woman who is inclined towards wearing sarees as all-season wear.


      It is a style from Madhya Pradesh and is a perfect blend of quality and beautiful prints. It has traditional peacock prints, flora arts, and geometrics.


      It originated from the Dhaka region of Bangladesh and is widely worn in the east, there are two broad types: the simple thread work and the beautiful golden work.

      Banarasi Sarees

      The banarasi sarees had come into existence in the Mughal era by the Mughal artisans and craftsmen. These have ever since been a favourite for every bride and is a staple in most Indian weddings. There are various materials in which banarasi sarees are available.


      It is a plain silk fabric. It uses pure silk threads, which are twisted and woven into pure silk sarees.


      It is the sole fabric used to create contemporary and exclusive designs.

      Chiffon Sarees

      Chiffon is a lightweight fabric that is popular due to its crepe-like texture. It has a mesh-like weave that gives it a transparent look. There are various types of chiffon ladies sarees online that are available.

      Plain Border Chiffon Sarees

      It is a direct saree style based on chiffon and has beautiful zari and Resham borders.

      Resham Work Chiffon Saree

      It has beautiful Resham work on the border and all over the body.

      Zari Work

      It is made from the buttis of banarasi zaris, spread all over the saree body and on the border.


      These have printed all over their body and a lace border attached to the edge of the saree.

      Printed Sarees

      There are several types of printed sarees available in the collection for the latest sarees online, including kalamkari prints, bandhani prints, batiks, patola, and more. The common patterns often seen on these printed sarees consist of flowers, geometric patterns, abstract images, and sceneries.

      Embroidered Sarees

      Embroidery is a skilful process that involves decorating fabrics with thread and yarn using needles and is used to embellish quilts and tapestries. Embroidered sarees are also popular in sarees. The handmade ones are costlier as the designs have to be transferred to the fabric using a stencil and then create a thread work at the outline. Buy elegant sarees for women online available in different materials that include silk,full-body embroidery, cotton embroidery, printed embroidery, and even suitable for weddings.

      Why Choose Maneraa For Sarees?

      You can find the sarees in new and stunning avatars these days, they are extravagant and are available in various fabrics and styles. Choose online saree shopping at Maneraa to explore the vast collection of the latest and the most exquisite ladies designer sarees. The advancement in e-commerce platforms has made shopping for Indian sarees much more comfortable than before. You can browse through our website to choose the best sarees online with a price for you. The best part is that it is available in every body type and size.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What are the latest trends in sarees?

      Some of the latest and popular trends in sarees include Fancy florals, nets, Rich Indian Handlooms, velvets, chiffons, and the half and halves.

      2. Are there any offers or discounts available on buying sarees online?

      You can find various offers and sales available throughout the year and special offers during the festival sessions on sarees.

      3. What are the different types of sarees that every woman should add in their Wardrobe collection?

      The different types of sarees that you should stock up in your wardrobe are banarasi silk, kanjeevaram, chanderi, tant, Assam silk, batik, dhakai, Mysore silk, panchapalli.

      4. Which saree materials are best for everyday use?

      Cotton and cotton-silk blends are the sarees for all seasons and all occasions.

      5. What are the different ranges of trendy sarees available online?

      Sarees can start as low as 150 and go up to 60,000. It depends on the material you are looking for and your selection of price.