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      Nehru Jacket for men has a long history. They were popular during the 1960s and spurred among the elite classes. These had originated from the Mughal lineage and are still essential when it comes to men's ethnic wear. Even though these were available in the market for a long time, they have recently gained popularity due to the rising trend of fusion-wear. The reason why Nehru jackets are gaining immense popularity is because of its vastness in styles and also they can be worn as casual wear. At the same time, they can be worn as traditional wear by pairing them with kurtas and pyjamas.

      Men's Nehru jackets are immensely popular these days. These were previously hip-length tailored coats for both men and women. These have recently got added charms with the change in designs and looks. You can easily spot a celebrity wearing this fusion wear and thus become one of the essential traditional wear among men in recent times.

      These jackets were popularised and named after India's Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It is very different from a suit jacket, and the feature that helps you tell them apart is the mandarin collar. Nehru jackets for men usually have single or double vents, and the collar is fastened at the top with the help of a hook.

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      Nehru jacket online shopping has become very popular in recent times. These jackets are suitable for every occasion such as weddings, casual brunch, a business meeting, a cocktail party or even a puja. These can be paired with different attires to make it suitable for other occasions. You can pair it with a kurta pyjama or a jodhpuri pant for a traditional look, whereas you can pair it with chinos, trousers or jeans to get stylish the hook look. These are also useful in hiding the extra belly fat in aged men.

      Various types of Nehru jackets are available in the market but here are a few Nehru jackets online that every man should stock up in their closets.

      Sleeveless Nehru Jackets

      If you are planning to buy a Nehru jacket online, go for a sleeveless one, which is trendy these days. These can be paired in different ways, depending on the occasion. Pair your Nehru jacket with a kurta-pyjama to get the festive or wedding look. If you are looking forward to a semi-formal event or a small get-together, choose chinos or tweed pants to go along with them. Finally, if you want to make a splendid appearance at a party or a casual event, choose trousers or jeans to go with your jacket.

       Velvet Nehru Jackets

      These are dressier versions of the Nehru jacket for men. As the name suggests, these are made from velvet and are very comfortable and luxurious at the same time. The material makes it suitable for the winters. Whether it is a party or a casual event, these jackets are sure to add a new flavour to the look and keep everyone's heads turned irrespective of the event. But remember if you plan to buy Nehru jackets made from velvet you need to get them dry cleaned and also be careful of the wrinkles.

      Poly Viscose Nehru Jackets

      It is the most popular among fashionistas and helps to show off the taste of your fashion in the most comfortable way. These are the best choice for a summer wardrobe and absorb sweat very quickly, thus saving your outfit from having sweat stains. When you buy a Nehru jacket online, remember to add this to your cart.

      Slim Fit Nehru Jackets

      Just like every other clothing item, Nehru jacket for men are also available in slim fits. These are very versatile and can be worn for every occasion that you might have coming up in the future. It is highly popularised among the youth due to its ethnic and modern fusion look. You can choose to pair them with chinos or jodhpurs pants.

      Striped Nehru Jackets

      It is a new addition to the collection of men's Nehru jacket. Stripes never go out of fashion and thus are best to make you stand out in the crowd. You can find these jackets with both vertical and horizontal lines. But if you are a man with a shorter stature, then vertical stripes are best suited for you as they give the illusion of being tall.

      Check Nehru Jackets

      These have recently gained immense popularity due to the unique patterns that help to give an offbeat look. If you are not very fond of the traditional unexciting styles then buy Nehru jacket online with checks to bring out your colourful personality.

      Woollen Nehru Jackets

      What to do if you have a winter marriage coming up? Buy Nehru jacket online, which is made from woollen material. These are dirt-resistant and are made of breathable materials.

      Buy Nehru Jacket For Men Online

      Nehru Jackets are available in different colour options, but few primary colours go with all the outfits in your wardrobe, these include red, royal blue, off-white and Orange. If you plan on choosing any other colour for Men's Nehru jacket, then make sure to run an eye through your wardrobe to check the collection of clothes that you have got stocked up in your closet.

      There are four broad categories when it comes to styling these jackets. You can either wear it as an Indian, attire, formal attire or casual wear, denim wear.

      Indian Wear

      For an ethnic look, choose a Nehru jacket that is paired up with a kurta and pyjama and make sure that the fabric used is towards the traditional side. The best way to style them is to use the same colour scheme of the jacket as that of the set.

      Formal Wear

      When it comes to wearing a Nehru jacket for men as formal wear, then the biggest trick to get a well-tailored coat. Make sure that it fits you correctly and also remember to button it up completely. Wearing a Nehru jacket with a formal shirt and pants is an essential yet elegant style that can help you look stunning in every event that you need to attend shortly. It's necessary to finish them off with good shoes to get the best look in the crowd. Also, remember to wear solid or light colours to make a statement.

      Casual Wear

      You can successfully get a casual look with the men's Nehru jacket. Just make sure to pair light fabric jackets along with formal shirts and dark pants to get a super trendy and stylish look with the indo-western outfit. To make your Nehru jacket look even more casual, you can leave a few buttons open and play with unique colour combinations.

      Denim Wear

      We have got great news for the people who love wearing their denim on every occasion. Suppose you thought that denim was not suitable for traditional and formal occasions. Then try pairing your denim with Nehru jackets, make sure to pull out your favourite colours and amp you look on the streets. Try wearing these with a shirt underneath a sleeveless Nehru jacket.

      Best Ways To Style Your Nehru Jacket

      You will find various designs and patterns when you look for Nehru jackets online. The multiple prints and embroideries are sure to change the tedious approach towards jackets. Here are some best ways to style men’s Nehru jacket.

      Wear It With A Classic Shirt

      Men's Nehru jacket can be paired with classic shirts to look stunning and elegant. The best choice will be to choose a white shirt and dark blue pants to go with a solid-coloured jacket. If you are looking for a modern look, select denim jackets and accessories, sneakers and watches to complete the look.

      Wear It With The Traditional Kurta Pyjama Set

      Add some extra charm to your kurta-pyjama set by pairing it with a Nehru jacket. It is a perfect ensemble for a wedding or a family get-together. Get a traditional and sophisticated look with the right length of the kurta to add to the look.

      Style Your Nehru Jacket with Formals

      To add a little ethnic touch to your formal look. Pair your light coloured Nehru jacket with a formal shirt and pants. It will help you get a classic and unique look. So the next time you buy Nehru jacket online, be sure to buy a jacket in the lighter shades. Also, remember to finish up the look with a Nagra and a watch.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What should I wear with a Nehru jacket?

      These are the most versatile pieces of clothing and can be worn on any occasion. So these can be worn with kurta-pyjamas, Jodhpuri pants, trousers, chinos and even jeans.

      2. Is the Nehru jacket formal?

      Yes, they can be worn as a formal attire as long as they are paired with the right set of clothes.

      3. Where can I buy Nehru jackets?

      All the online stores have recently started stocking up Nehru jackets, so you can go for Maneraa to get the best quality stylish Nehru jackets.

      4. On which occasions you can wear a Nehru jacket?

      You can wear it at weddings, cocktail parties, office events and even a luncheon for that matter.

      5. Which colour Nehru jacket should you have in your wardrobe?

      Blue, Orange, white and green are the primary colours you should have.