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      Buy Trousers And Pants For Men

      You can find several options when it comes to buying men's pants online. From pants to jeans, there are different bottom wears available from chinos to tracksuit bottoms. There are many styles of trousers that suit a range of occasions and create a pleasant change from the regular denim. Whether you're heading to the office or going on a first date, you need to know what pants or trousers to wear and how to style them properly and attractively. Here are some of the most common men's trousers styles that you should consider for your wardrobe in all the seasons.

      Men's pants add a finishing touch to any outfit, a bad choice of trousers can destroy a perfect look, but if you find the perfect pair according to the occasion and the look you are searching for, you can easily stand out in the crowd. The term trousers and pants are often used interchangeably for men's bottom wear. They are available in different styles and colours, making them suitable for every occasion and season. Buy the best quality trousers & pants for men from the top brands online at affordable rates.

      Latest Trends In Men's Trousers And Pants

      A good pair of men's trousers complete the outfit's look, so it is imperative that men take a lot of time to find the perfect set of pants as the wrong set selection can be disastrous. So here are a few trends.

      Formal Trousers

      The formal men's trousers are mainly worn as office wear or for formal events. These are available in specific colours such as black, grey, and navy blue, suitable for these types of events. These look best when paired with oxfords and loafers. These are comfortable wear for tedious workdays.

      Denim: The Timeless Piece

      These have always been the favourites in terms of men's trousers and are a wardrobe staple for most men, these jeans and denim that are now available in different colours are all-time wear. They are so versatile that they can be paired with every type of outfit irrespective of whether it's casual or semi-formal. This style is a trademark, and it comes with its own charm and smartness. You can find many varieties such as rugged, distressed, slim fits, and low-rise, all of which make a perfect outfit for men.

      Comfortable And Relaxed Pants

      These pants for men have stretchable fabrics that are comfortable for casual outings and workouts. These are available in different colour options and are highly versatile. These are appropriate as loungewear and, if paired properly, can also help you to carry out the smartest look outdoors.

      Wear Your Chinos

      A category of pants that fall between formal pants and khakis are a step up in the fashion world. These are highly versatile and give out a comfortable vibe. If you are looking for a casual look, then pair these pants for men with t-shirts, sneakers, and denim jackets. Whereas if you plan on wearing these for formal events, pair them with a blazer and brogues for a business meeting. These are available in premium quality cotton that makes them suitable for seasons.

      Try Cargo’s For Road Trips

      Buy men's trousers online from the famous six pockets pants category. These are very comfortable, and the pockets add a unique vibe to the outfit and make it very convenient to carry essentials, making it the perfect wear for road trips. Even though more men are inclined to buy slim-fit trousers these days, you can still find several individuals holding on to the trend by pairing them with boots and loose tees to meet the change in demands.

      Different Types Of Men's Pants And Trousers

      Men's pants have evolved over the years and have recently come up with thousands of colour options and designs that are sure to help a man create an impression wherever they go.


      These trousers for men are an all-time classic. These had first made their way through the fashion industries in the 70s and have come back in a brand new avatar. These are made from fabrics that are woven from strands of yarn that are twisted together. If you are looking for classic trouser for the winters, look no further as these can help you produce heat and keep your legs insulated from the cold. You can pair these with jumpers and button-down shirts to get a fantastic casual look.

      Drawstring Trousers

      If you want to be comfortable throughout the day, then buy men's trousers from this section. These make a perfect combination of style and comfort. If you want to hide those securing ties, then pair these with button-down shirts and sweatshirts, but if you are comfortable showing them off, then rock the look with basic t-shirts to pull the attention towards the trousers. These have become man's best friend due to their versatility as they can be worn both for a smart, luxurious look and a laidback look.

      Slim Fit Trousers

      If you love the feel of the skinny fit jeans, but you are bored of wearing them everywhere, then try a smarter alternative, the slim fit trousers for men. These are the ultimate spice ups for every outfit. These are available in different colour options that include dark colours like black, navy blue, and grey and even lighter colours like white, light grey. These are some of the most comfortable and classic pants when you head out for a formal event. But make sure that you don't end up buying men's trousers that are too tight and restrict your movements.

      Woollen Trousers

      If you are looking for an easy pair of pants that can easily replace your jeans and other formal trousers, then go for woollen ones. These are a classic style that works perfectly in all settings, starting from formal wears to casual wears. You can complete this style with shoes like oxfords and brogues and a pair of button-downs and jumpers, like sweatshirts and sneakers.

      Relaxed Leg Trousers

      Men who are fans of the old trends buy men's pants from this category as they are the best to bring out a unique and lively look. These pants date back to the 50s and have made their rounds through the decades. These sit just at the feet and can be worn with a fold or two. They provide a great foundation for all types of outfits, and you have full freedom to choose whatever you like to wear with these trousers due to their versatility.


      These are extremely comfortable and stylish and are a great alternative for casual dressing. These pants provide a perfect alternative for casual wear. Buy men's pants online from this category and wear them with plain shirts and sweaters to get a laid-back look.

      Cropped Trousers

      If you like your pants to be airy, choose the cropped pants for men that show off the ankle and get enough air. It is a smart choice that spices up an outfit and is also useful in showing off accessories that you were longing to show for a long time. These are highly versatile and can be worn with every outfit, whether it is a t-shirt or a leather jacket. These are meant for casual events, but these also provide great office-friendly vibes, especially when worn with shirts and blazers.

      High Waisted Trousers

      These are classic pair of pants and can be found in every closet. They have a high waist and can be worn in different ways. These are suitable for casual and semi-formal events. Just wear these pants with roll necks or crew necks and a formal blazer to make them the perfect outfit for a vintage look. If you want to stick to the classic look, wear them with plain t-shirts and dress shoes and attract everyone's attention.

      Why Choose Men's Trousers And Pants From Maneraa?

      At Maneraa, you can find the best men's pants that are available in different colours and designs and are made with top quality fabrics. We have come up with a range of trousers for men suitable for every event and can help make you stand out in the crowd. Buy apparel from the top brand at pocket-friendly prices with the guarantee of quality. We are also well-known for our support system and provide instant solutions to ensure that our customers are satisfied and can build a long-term relationship with us.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How many types of trousers are available for men online?

      You can find several types of trousers for men online, depending on various factors such as materials, designs, fits, and occasions. Most men are familiar with the common types that include jeans, chinos, and sweatpants, but several other options include woollen trousers, drawstrings, etc.

      2. Which are the best men's dress pants?

      A few dress pants that have recently come into trend include flat fronts, pleated trousers, wide-legged pants, cuffed, and slim fit trousers.

      3. What are the most comfortable men's pants?

      The most comfortable pants include loose fits, comfortable and soft materials such as cotton and linen, and adjustable and elastic waistbands. The most comfortable pants that can be used for everyday use include joggers and track pants.

      4. What is the difference between chinos and trousers?

      Trousers refer to men's formally tailored pants, whereas chinos are slim fit pants made from cotton and have concealed pockets and stitching designed to create a smart-casual look.

      5. Are dress pants and slacks the same thing?

      Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably but dress pants exclusively refer to formal pants, worn with dress shoes and button-down shirts. In contrast, the slacks are used as business casuals and can be paired with various shirts and shoes that make it a versatile option for semi-formal events.