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      Earlier, there were significantly fewer options available for men's traditional clothing, and there was no room for experimentation. More significance is being given to men's traditional wear, and new trends and designs are emerging in the market. India is a culturally rich country and has various traditions. The different states have distinctive traditional wear for men, and every one of them is unique and prominent and helps create a style quotient.

      Our online collections of conventional wear are influenced by the various cultures seen in the different states. We have got all the different types of outfits that you may desire to put on during a festive season, from other colour options to patterns, motifs, and embroideries.

      Apart from the traditional sherwanis and the dhoti and kurta sets, men often get confused when required to pick the best outfit for formal events. Unlike the past decades, there are several options available in the men's traditional wear segment, and with every year, there is a renewal of trends and fashion statements, so it is essential to keep up with them to slay your look and walk shoulder to shoulder with the looks of the fashion industry.

      The days are gone when people had to stick to boring colour options for traditional clothes for men nowadays, there are fun and flattering options available in the market. But when you go for online shopping it's essential to buy clothes that stick to their culture, its necessary to have makeovers over the years but what is more critical is to stay connected with the roots, so choose the good old ethnic wears with a modern touch to them.

      Latest Trends In Men's Traditional Wear

      We have come up with the latest traditional wear for men to jazz up the look and bring in more options. Follow the latest trends and step up your look this season.


      Whenever you find out that attire is looking dull, pair it up with bright coloured dupattas, look great with all outfits, including dhotis and pajamas, and always come to the rescue for any pale outfit.

      Pastels Colored Traditional Wear

      The new traditional wear for men is all about the pastel colours that include red, orange, yellow, and blue because most people wear regular colours, a pastel-coloured kurta can quickly help you stand out in the crowd.

      Waistcoat With Dhotis

      Have you ever tried out the dhoti and waistcoat combination while trying on men's traditional wear? If not, then it's a must, as it brings a modern and stylish touch to the dhoti, waistcoats can be straight or printed, and wearing a contrasting pair of these can be the perfect outfit for a wedding.

      Ethnic Prints

      The latest trends in men's traditional clothes are ethnic prints. These bring a vogue look to the regular kurtas. These are out of the box but sophisticated at the same time.

      Jodhpuri Suits

      These are perfect for every formal event, these have intricate embroidery and rich colours, and the suit provides a structure to the wearer and is one of the grandest Rajasthani attire.

      Punjabi Suits

      The next time you buy traditional wear, don't forget to add a Punjabi suit to the list. These are casual and edgy and helps to bring up the style quotient of the person wearing them. Just remember to pair them with the right pair of shades and footwear.


      Grooms and groomsmen generally wear these. It is a blend of Indian and Persian Culture and highlights the body's shape. These are some of the best styles when it comes to traditional men's clothing.

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      Why Choose Maneera For Shopping Traditional Wear For Men?

      If you are looking for the best men's traditional wear that offers various colours and silhouettes, then we are the best option. We make sure to provide quality products that are not overpriced. Please choose from our colourful options that cover all the cultures of the different parts of the countries, making our collection unique and impressive. Please choose from our latest collections to rock your look in the festive seasons.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What is traditional wear?

      It is a part of the Indian culture that is genuinely followed by the people of the region. It brings out a part of their culture and is followed by people of every age group.

      2. How to style your traditional wear?

      Choose your fabric effectively, avoid the dull old colours, try the pastels, layer them up, wear statement shoes, and finish the look with accessories.

      3. What are the most famous traditional wear worn by men?

      The famous traditional wear among men includes akhans, kurtas, lungis, dhotis, and pajamas.

      4. How to look good in a kurta?

      You have different options available while wearing kurtas. These can be plain or printed, long or short, fitted or lose the structure makes it easy to play with them and try out new styles.

      5. What are the best traditional wears to wear at a wedding?

      Try sherwanis or kurtas and dhotis to bring out the rich culture. You can also wear Mundus or other ethnic wears according to your culture.