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      T-shirts for men are one of the best outfits when it comes to comfort. The word wardrobe staple can be truly used for the tee-shirts for men. The versatility of t-shirts is the main reason for outlasting every other trend. One such garment piece can be worn for any occasion, whether it's a formal event or a casual event. You can wear it as an undershirt and layer it up with a coat for an official meeting, whereas you can pair it with denim and sneakers for the best casual look. These are also the best beachwear when worn with a pair of breezy shorts.

      With the huge competition in the men's t-shirts, it's important to choose the best and affordable pieces. Choose from the various colour options, cuts, and styles to get the ultimate look.

      Trendy T-shirts for Men

      Even though t-shirts for men are considered a basic item, they can make an outfit and completely change their looks when styled appropriately. Choose from a compiled list of t-shirts to transform your basic tee into a statement piece.

      Nature Inspired T-shirts

      The fashion of nature-inspired men's t-shirts has come out to be huge. With big patterns to natural textures, this year has brought natural prints that are both refreshing and interesting to look at, and the best part is that these are multi-seasonal.

      Cartoon Tees

      These are humorous and full of excitement and also add a playful twist to the design. So, if you are still at your earlier life stages, bring out your colourful nature with printed cartoon characters to get a humorous look.

      Striped T-shirts

      Men's t-shirts with stripes are another trendy option. Nobody said that t-shirts need to be boring. Please bring back the 90s palette into your look and pair them with everything from slacks to sweats. Don't just stick to monochromes but choose vibrant colours and bold designs to make a style quotient.

      Oversized T-shirts

      Staying comfortable in your outfit is your main motto, then choose light-coloured men's t-shirts. These are an essential staple for the wardrobe and have a fashionable fit.

      Crew Neck T-shirt

      If you wish to go for a classic look when you buy men's t-shirts online, choose these authentic wears, an organic makeover of the standard t-shirts. These are shrink-resistant, ultra-soft, and are ethically produced.

      Types Of Fashionable Men's T-Shirts

      It is a well-known fact that jeans and tee-shirts for men make the perfect combination and bring out the best in men. These are not only light and comfortable, but they are trendy at the same time. The next time you go online shopping for a men's t-shirt, choose from the different types of t-shirts available with huge colour options, fits, and styles.

      Polo T-shirts

      These are the ultimate favourite, especially because of its versatility. These can be worn for several different events, including golf, formal events, get-togethers, and are best for men with a lean body type. Pair these up with a pair of black denim or formal pants to rock the look.

      Henley T-shirts

      If you are looking for collarless men's t-shirts, then these are a great choice. They are so versatile that they can be paired with chinos to denim, even khakis. You can find these in different colours and patterns, but you can also go old school and try a plain neutral colour.

      V-neck T-shirts

      It is something that every man has in their wardrobe irrespective of their age and style. It helps to create a combination of a casual and formal look. Buy these men's t-shirts online, especially if you are a fitness freak because these are very helpful in showing off those toned arms.

      Pocket T-shirts

      These come with plain or printed pockets at the top of the left chest. The pocket is just for style and adds interest to the plain t-shirt. You can pair them with jeans for a casual summer day.

      Solid T-shirts

      Buy plain men's t-shirts if you are fond of a clean and minimal look. It is a timeless look that never goes out of trend. These are suitable for every occasion as they can be paired with different bottom wears and layers to add a new perspective to the look.

      Hooded T-shirts

      These are both fashionable and stylish. These can be worn every season as the hoodie helps protect you in every weather, heat, cold, or even the monsoons.

      Crew Neck T-shirts

      These are one of the best combinations when it comes to comfortable and casual. This can help make your chest look broader and look proportionate. If you plan on going for an evening walk, then wear these with a pair of shorts and sneakers.

      The Different Necklines

      The most popular t-shirts for men come in a variety of sleeves and necklines. Try these different types of t-shirts to add a modern twist to the look without compromising the aesthetics.


      As the name suggests, this type of t-shirt has a v-shaped neck. It is best suited for men with a round face and broad shoulders, as it helps flatter this body type and give a slimmer look. You can also layer these up with an unbuttoned shirt to hide the shape of the neckline.


      It is a hybrid of the crew and the v-neckline. This consists of a buttoning placket that runs several inches and perfectly fits a well-built body. It is also helpful in increasing the aesthetic feel and macho look in men.

      Scoop Neck

      Another variation of crew neck type t-shirts where the round neckline lies a few inches below the collarbone. It adds a subtleness to the look and complements the overall look. These can be easily paired with jeans to get a casual look, or you can even add layers by wearing a shirt over it.

      The Different Types Of T-shirts Based On Their Sleeve Lengths

      T-shirts for men look more attractive. So irrespective of your body structure, t-shirts can make you look muscular. There are a few key roles in having a perfectly fitted t-shirt. This includes:

      Sleeveless T-shirts

      These tee-shirts for men tend to have a deeper neck. These are the best styles for the fitness freaks as it helps to show off those perfectly toned arms and upper torso with panache.

      Cap Sleeved T-shirts

      These have a cap-like extension and extend until below the shoulder level without covering the underarm. If you are tired of the same old sleeves, add a funky twist.

      Halves, Three-quarters, Full Sleeves

      These are the most traditional yet flattering type of sleeves. They need absolutely no introduction and are a staple type worn by most men. Make sure that the sleeves fall at the right position and accentuates the beautiful muscle in the body.


      The seam of the t-shirt you bought should sit perfectly at the edge of the shoulder. It signifies that you have found the perfect fit for you.


      If you have a bigger arm, choose shorter sleeves or folded sleeves to give your toned arms a peak.


      When you buy men’s t-shirt online, make sure that the length is correct, it should be long enough to be tucked into the pants but not so long that it bunches at the waist.


      You can find different types of necklines, but whichever may attract you, make sure that it's not too big, nor is it too short.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What colour t-shirts should a man own?

      A man should own all solid and plain colours. Still, the main colours that a man should own are white, grey, and black.

      2. Should t-shirts have a loose fit or a tight fit?

      Regardless of the body shape you have, the t-shirts shouldn't be too loose or too tight. If you thought that wider t-shirts hide weight, then you were under the wrong impression. These only make you look bigger, whereas a very tight-fitted t-shirt doesn't look good even on a toned man.

      3. What is the best fit for a t-shirt?

      The seams must sit on the shoulder bone, the sleeves should be mid-length, and the length of the t-shirt should be in the middle of the fly.

      4. Are t-shirts suitable for formal events?

      T-shirts are mostly accounted for as casual wear, but they can be used as formal outfits if worn with the right pair of trousers and shoes.

      5. What are the different types of t-shirt necklines?

      Some of the different types of necklines include a round neck, V-neck, y-neck, and polos.