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      All men out there, irrespective of their age and profession, own a few pairs of shirts. Menā€™s shirts are usually trendy and comfortable at the same time and can be worn from day tonight. Office meetings or late-night parties, you can find a huge range of men's shirts at attractive prices. You just need to browse through the latest collection of shirts for men to add more style to your event. There are various colour and material options to choose from, depending on the event you plan on attending wearing them. Be it printed shirts, denim shirts, plain shirts or classy white shirts for men, you get a lot more to select from our fashionable collection.

      There are two main categories when it comes to shirts, formal and informal. Men's shirts had their first appearance around medieval times when they were only undyed fabrics that had evolved from the inner garments. Later during the 19th century, they were found in different colours and soon after mainstreamed as the most popular men's wear.

      Go for online shopping for men's shirts and choose from the overabundance of choices. The shirts evolved over the years to be available in different colours, but they are also available in various styles and designs. With the attractive options in plain shirts to other patterns, we have got your back for every occasion, whether it is a formal meeting, a date, or even a party. Our versatility and affordability are sure to attract you towards our platform to buy men's shirts online.

      Men's Trendy Shirts

      At Maneraa, you can find a wide range of casual and formal shirts for men online. Pick the best one that suits your occasion; varied options are available in fabrics, patterns, sleeves, collar-type, and more.


      It is something that most men take for granted. These were the real inspirations of the present-day shirts. In earlier times, these were worn by Romans and Chinese army men for protection. These are mainly required to absorb perspiration and minimize the sweat stains on the shirts you bought while shopping for men's trendy shirts. The undershirts are lightweight and stretchable and can be matched with every fashionable men's shirt you bought online.

      Polo Shirts

      One of the most popular men's shirts online in terms of casual wear is a polo. These breathable shirts' gauze makes sure to show the body as it is, they have a soft collar with a placket and buttons that go halfway down the shirts. These were initially worn by tennis and polo players, but these have found their use in the broader audience with the variety of colour options available.


      These are similar to polo shirts but without the collar. These have a placket that is 2-3 inches long and has about five buttons to fasten them. These come in different colours and a variety of sleeves. You can choose the sleeve type according to the time of the year or according to the weather outside. These are highly comfortable, versatile, and maybe that is why they are the top choice for men's shirts online.

      Casual Button-Down shirt

      These are one of the most popular styles when it comes to casual shirts for men. These are loose and have a relaxed fit. These are generally worn untucked and are not meant to be layered under a coat or a blazer. These are available in various colours, patterns, and designs and must buy when you go online shopping for men's shirts next time.

      Dress shirts

      These are famous layering shirts, these are generally worn under the blazers or coats and are the main thing about these shirts is its fit, you need to make sure to iron men's trendy shirts before you put them on, as the fit of these shirts is the real challenge. These skirts look best in classic colours like white or light blue.

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      Cotton Shirts

      It's essential to stock up several cotton shirts in different colours and styles with summer onset. These are an ideal pick for the humid summer days. Buy men's trendy shirts in cotton material to get a perfect outfit for a casual evening date.

      Silk Shirts

      These shirts for men are best to bring out the confident and bold nature of men. These give a luxurious and sensational look and help you rock any party. Make sure to carry your attitude with you when you plan on wearing these shirts.

      Poplin Shirts

      Next time you buy men's shirts online, choose a poplin since these are the most popular fabrics for shirts as they are comfortable, breathable, and have a crisp feel to them. But when you wear these men's shirts online, make sure to wear an undershirt below it because this material is very light and gives a transparent look.

      Linen Shirts

      If you are looking for an elegant piece of clothing, then these are the most men's trendy shirts available in the market. These get better with age and washings and are long-lasting. It is loosely woven in comparison to cotton and is the best summer wear.

      Online Shopping for Men's Shirts

      When you plan to go online shopping for a men's shirt, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind so that you get a men's shirt that suits for personality and your body type.

      Before you buy men's shirts online, make sure that you know the shirt's different features. Firstly, these are available in various patterns and styles that are suited for other occasions. These have different fits like slim fit, regular fit, and baggy style to fit the different body types. You can also find several sleeve options such as full-sleeve, half-sleeve, and three-fourths to meet the various season requirements. It is also essential that you choose two-ply fabrics when you buy men's shirts online for more durability and better quality. They are also smoother and more refined that gives a luxurious feel.

      Shop Men's Shirts Online

      Formal shirts are an interesting piece of cloth for men. So it is essential to buy formal shirts the next time you go online shopping for men's shirts. Even though these shirts come in reliable and staple colour options, they can be transformed into fashion-forward and modish ensembles if they are correctly styled.

      Cotton Men's Shirt with Angle Cut French Cuffs

      These shirts for men make the best uber and modern style. They are best suited for business gatherings and corporate meetings and can create a long-lasting impression if worn with the right set of pants and accessories. These are available in different fits that include slim, tailored, and regular fits.

      Solid Black Shirt

      It is one of the most popular shirts that is a wardrobe essential. These are classy and stylish and can be easily paired with formal trousers. If you want to impress your clients with your first look and make them invest in your project, this is the number one option you should keep in mind.

      Striped Formal Shirts

      If you are looking for a modern yet formal ensemble, this is a great workplace attire to opt for. These are an incredibly stylish and budget-friendly option and can be easily paired with semi-formal trousers and loafers.

      Printed Formal Shirts

      Suppose you are looking for something unique, then choose shirts with micro prints and patterns. But when you go online shopping for men, you don't need to buy shirts that don't have extra-large patterns or florals as these are not suitable for formal events.

      Casual shirts are an enhancement for the men's wardrobe, irrespective of whether you plan to wear them with jeans or a or wear them with a formal pant to get the classic formal-informal combination. The top five shirts for men that you should have in your closet include:

      Spread Collar Shirts

      These are one of the most popular styles of men's shirts. These have collars that spread away from the centre placket, and they are available in a variety of widths. The different widths are useful in accentuating the other facial features. These are best worn by unbuttoning the down button and pairing it up with dark blue jeans.

      Utility Shirts

      These shirts for men are known for their deep history. The recent ones we are wearing have come from the industrial revolution. They have epaulettes on the shoulders and metal buttons and pocket details. These generally have two woven button closure chest pockets and are functional to keep tools and stationaries.

      Shirt Jackets

      This trendy men's shirt is a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket. These have a boxier fit and can be casually worn over a plain t-shirt. At times these have larger buttons and zips to resemble the look of a jacket. It shows off the rugged and tough look and should be paired with boots and denim for the perfect look.

      Band Collar Shirts

      Next time you buy men's shirts online, remember this is an essential addition to the list. The lack of collar in the shirt makes it a suitable option for a hot scorching summer day. When going for the modern look, button these shirts to the last button, but you are looking for a more casual look and then choosing to keep the tops buttons undone.

      Buy Men's Shirts from Maneraa

      Shirts are an essential part of the men's wardrobe, so every Man must have at least three to four pairs of shirts suitable for every occasion. At Maneraa, buy shirts for men that come in different colours and different styles to cover up all your needs. Not only that, our user-friendly site makes sure to give you the easiest and the best experience with guides for the sizes and types of shirts available.

      We have also come up with substantial discount rates all over the years that make your purchase smoother. You can browse through our vast range of both formal and informal shirts to rock the next board meeting or the date with the special one. It also provides fast shipping and products from top-notch brands that are sure to stay in your closet for a very long time.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What are the popular shirts every man should own?

      A few shirts are mandatory when it comes to men's fashion. The list includes oxford button-down shirt, dress shirt, jacket shirt, overshirt, Flannel, and the classic short-sleeved shirt.

      2. How many casual shirts should a man own?

      There is no specific number of shirts that a man should own, but around six to eight shirts of different collar types and different sleeve types are essential to have a shirt for every occasion.

      3. How to wear an oversized button-down shirt?

      You can either wear it over a solid-coloured t-shirt or wear it over dark blue denim and keep the last button unhooked to get a casual look.

      4. What are different sleeve sizes available for a shirt?

      You can see the main sleeve sizes available in the market include long-sleeves, short-sleeves, and three-quarters.

      5. What are the different types of collars available for a men's shirt?

      The different types of collars include wing collars, button-down collars, spread collars, narrow-point collars, club collars, and cub on collars.