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      Finding the right underwear for men is important to keep oneself comfortable and increase the level of confidence from within. Good quality men's innerwear ensures that you stay comfortable day and night and on all occasions. Our wide range of men's innerwear makes sure to take care of all your needs. We have everything from briefs to vests to cover all your needs. These are available in different sizes and colour options. Buy men's innerwear from your favourite brands to increase your confidence to a brand new level from inside. The perfect innerwear helps to create a much-needed console. You can easily opt for cotton-based underwear that is itch-free and provides the highest level of comfort.

      Buy innerwear for men from Maneraa online store to get a blend of superior cut and fit. Choose from the various ranges of men’s boxers, trunks, and briefs to maintain the shape and to get an exquisite look.

      Latest Trends In Men's Undergarments

      Innerwear for men is a functional necessity. There are several designs and varieties available in online stores. Every man needs to stock up one of each type in their underwear drawers to adapt and comply with the latest trends. The most factors that need to be considered are comfort, functionality, sustainability, and style. Few of the trends in men’s boxers and innerwear in this season include the following:

      New-Age Fabric

      The basis of the best innerwear for men is the superior quality fabric, and at this point, it is agreed that there is a raising need for a new age fabric for increased comfort level. In many cases, the innerwear is not breathable and rides up and thus requires to be renovated. The new material will have zero shrinkage and piling and will be stronger after going through different treatments. Microfibre waistbands, along with the odour-free fabrics, will be the new cool.

      Fashion In Focus

      Innerwear was once a necessity, but not today, these days. It can give a new outlook to the outfits, so buy men's innerwear to add some flavour to your clothes. These are essential clothing in a man's life and need to be high-quality and highly fashionable. Comfort will always remain the main motto, but the style is also an essential aspect. The new innerwear for men will have recent trends in patterns and silhouettes and will experiment with vibrant colour options. From animal prints to dyed patterns, these will add an entirely new aspect to the outfit.

      Performance Perfected

      Today's men have an active lifestyle, which takes them to the office, to the gym to parties, and several other places. It's essential to buy innerwear for men that are dry, calm, safe, and in control because most men don't have a lot of time to change their outfits and underwear according to different events. This year's most significant trends are the performance underwear that can withstand the maximum amount of stress.

      Crafted For Comfort

      The men's innerwear needs to grow with the latest trends. For example, the low rise jeans have been going lower every season, and that is why there is a requirement for broader, designer waistbands that can offer higher coverage in style. The rise of the tight-fitted pants requires a no-show of the innerwear lines. Tailored fits have become the most popular innerwear for men these days.

      Size Evolution

      When it comes to innerwear for men in plus size, there are still significantly fewer options available, and they are rather dull. So it's essential to buy from brands that have different shapes, sizes and vital concerns.

      The Different Types Of Innerwear Available Online

      You can find a wide variety of men's innerwear online; they are available in different styles, fabrics, and have significant comfort levels.


      Buy men's innerwear that sits high on the waist and covers around half of the thigh's surface. Trunks are the best options during workouts to avoid chafing. These are highly comfortable and versatile and can be worn with jeans, sportswear, and even everyday wear.


      Briefs are an absolute favourite, and you should buy a few of these the next time you go for men's innerwear online shopping. These are an ultimate saviour and are high rise from the waist's back, but they leave out the upper thigh and the legs' side. You can find these in different rises, designs, and styles, and these are comfortable under all types of clothes, whether they are formals, sportswear, or everyday dresses.

      Low Rise Briefs

      These give you the perfect coverage below the waist and can be best paired with low waist jeans and shorts.

      Mid Rise Briefs

      The waistband sits at your natural waist, and thus they are a comfortable choice to be worn with moderate sports events, events that require you to dress up, and everyday wear.

      Full Rise Briefs

      The waistline is high, and it sits just below the belly button, which helps to get a smooth stomach.


      Are you someone who is not comfortable with the tight-fitting men's innerwear online? You have the best choice to choose boxers that are breathable and loose-fitting. These are available in slim-fit and provide maximum ease, and can be worn with loose pants, pajamas, and even shorts. Men’s Boxers are best for beaches and regular wear but can't be worn as sportswear.


      These are worn by men during extensive workout sessions and are made up of elastic fabric. They are often tight and cling to the skin-saving you from muscle wear and tear. These are best suited for gym activities, cycling, racing, and vigorous activities.


      Vests are an essential addition when you go online shopping for men's innerwear. These form a layer between the skin and the outer clothing and soak the profuse sweating. For summers, cotton vests are highly preferred.

      White Basic Vests For Men

      The first thing you need to keep in mind while buying men's innerwear online is why you want to buy it. Is it for a formal outing, for lounging, or a casual event? Add one or more innerwear for men to your list made up of cotton to get high comfort. These also have moisture absorbent properties that make it an essential part of daily life. It also helps you survive the most embarrassing sweat stains situation. It is perfect for effortless layering, and the best part is that they generally come in packs of three or five with soft fabric, which is antimicrobial and has moisture-wicking properties.

      Bamboo Cotton Vests

      Buy men's innerwear online that is made from moisture-absorbent material that is very soft and lightweight. It is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Thus, it helps avoid odours, rashes, and skin inflammation.

      Thermal Innerwears

      Buy men's innerwear from the thermal collection if you plan to trip to a hill station. This helps the body from the extreme cold. They are made from several layers of wool or synthetic materials and cling to the body to insulate it from the cold winds. Thus keeping up with high body temperatures and providing extra warmth.

      Best Deal On Innerwear For Men Online

      Men's innerwear helps enhance comfort and confidence level since the amount of relaxation directly depends on what you are wearing under your branded and adorned clothes. Innerwear for men that includes vests and underwear is considered essential, and they should be made from superior quality fabrics made based on comfort. We can help you by offering a wide range of innerwear at affordable prices. Buy men's innerwear from our site to get the best deals and offers.

      Buy Men's Innerwear from Maneraa

      Maneraa have come up with a vast collection of men's innerwear. The main criteria that are considered when you look forward to buying men's innerwear are comfortable and fit. We have got the best materials that are soft and are itch-free, which helps you to have a great environment throughout the day. In recent times most men have a busy lifestyle, so in such cases, it becomes essential that we choose fabrics that are sweat absorbent and avoid pinching and chafing. We, at Maneraa, have what you need, from summer essentials to thermals. So, please don't waste your time anymore and buy men's innerwear from our overabundance of options.

      Frequently Asked Questions?

      1. What are the different types of innerwear available for men?

      The different types of innerwear available online include briefs, boxers, thongs, jockstraps, C-strings, Tanga, Mankini, and vests.

      2. Are thermal innerwear supposed to be tight?

      They should have a perfect fit but should constraint the movements. They generally function as a second skin and provide an insulating layer between the body and the fabric.

      3. What are the different materials used to make vests?

      Some of the best materials for making vests include lightweight cotton, lightweight wool, woollen blends, silk, rayon, and velvet.

      4. What are the different types of fabrics available for men's underwear?

      The different fabrics available are cotton, nylon, polyester, and silk, there are several other fabrics available in the market but these remain an absolute favourite.

      5. What are the types of innerwear that men prefer?

      Most men prefer boxer briefs as they accentuate thighs and fit well under all types of clothes.