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      Footwear For Men

      Even though a debatable topic, it is believed that three are three main things that people look into when they meet you for the first time, the attire, the handshake, and the men's footwear. Whether it is a job interview or a date, if you are looking to be approved by your love or a business client, you will definitely prefer stylish footwear. But what if you are very busy and do not have much time to spend shopping in physical stores, you will go for online shopping for men's footwear. You can choose from the wide varieties of both trendy and affordable shoes that match your outfit and bring out your persona.

      Online Shopping For Men's Footwear

      But the overwhelming array of footwear available online can be very confusing for a person to choose from, so we have come up with the essentials that every man should own. An attire is never complete without footwear to match it; whether it's a casual event or a formal event having classy footwear for men online is essential to get a high-end look.

      Fashion Trendy Men's Footwear

      Boat Shoes

      The boat men's footwear is enjoying their time back in the era, this is the footwear of choice for the modern tribes, and they go well with garments like rugby shirts, chinos, and even oxford shirts. They can have chunky commando shoes or a simplified version with less detail.

      Bold Colours

      The bold colours for footwear for men online are the most sought after among the youngsters. They bring out a charming look and help to create a unique persona. Try reinventing the summer style by splashing welcoming hues on the classic silhouettes. Just make sure you have contrasting apparels to complete the look work.


      Sliders were previously made from clean, mess-resistant materials made from pebbled leather and patent leather. The recent sliders have a bold look and are enough to occupy someone's attention with their sleek look. If you are going for a casual look, you can choose shorts or linen trousers on a bright sunny day: a perfect outfit for a hot summer day.

      Retro Gum Soles

      For the back-to-future vibe to continue, these footwears for men online are an absolute essential. If you look for a unique look that gives a subtle point of interest, choose these preppy clashes of colours between the upper and the midsole. These look the best with tailored trousers than with joggers.

      Latest Men's Footwear

      The latest men's footwear plays an essential role in every outfit, so if you want to look unique and stylish in an outfit, be sure to complement your outfit with the perfect ensemble. From running errands and going to a formal event, we have narrowed down the choices for you.

      Brogue Shoes

      Buy this footwear for men online, which is similar to many other dress shoes. The perforations on the shoes' surface were initially made to drain off the water after crossing swaps and muddy areas in Ireland. If you are planning to wear them for a casual event, then wear a light-coloured brogue that goes well with jeans and t-shirts, whereas if you choose to go for a formal event, try out dark colours that are paired best with coats and blazers.

      Suede Chukka

      These shoes for men were first popular during the 40s and have recently come back in trend with new updates. It gives a minimal yet classic look with the traditional round-toe, ankle-length boots with two or three lacing eyelets. These are generally on the table's casual end and offer an elegant alternative to sneakers; these can easily be paired with jeans or even chinos and a polo t-shirt. Bring a more approachable and casual look with the chukka that you bought while going online shopping for men's footwear.

      Leather Boots

      These are an absolute essential in every man's closet; they have helped create an ultra-fashion look over the years and are the best addition to the winter collection. These trendy men's footwear has become a style quotient of never-ending fashion. The best colours to opt for in terms of boots include black and dark brown; if you want a casual look, then cuff your trousers and wear a fancy leather jacket to complete the look. If you are looking for an aesthetic and conservative look, try to pull your pants over your boots. Always make sure to invest in a pair with high quality so that they last for several years.

      Low-top Trainers

      If you are fond of the monochromatic look, then there is nothing better than wearing your low-top trainers with a pair of black trousers and finishing the look with a plain white t-shirt, this simple look. Do make sure to add a couple of these the next time you shop for footwear for men online. You can easily pull off a simple yet clean look with this footwear.


      Originally these came from Scandinavia. If you want to look smart in your casual, but these men's footwear is low and lace-free and are the favourite summer essentials. If you are looking for a shoe that will be useful for both casual and formal events, then buy brown loafers the next time you go online shopping for men's footwear. You may also try out other colours from the palette that can contrast the prime pigments.


      These trendy men's footwear has evolved over the years and has started coming in various fabrics and detailing. Their closed lacing characterizes these, and most men have at least a pair of black oxfords stocked up in their formal closets. However, these shoes look charming in their casual avatar as well.


      A pair of comfortable and stylish sneakers are essential for every man out there. These were made to feel useful rather than look good. If you are looking for versatility, choose a pair from the bright colour palette to create the work. Avoid buying the white pair because they might look fancy initially but will start looking beaten after a few days; instead, buy men's footwear online in brighter colour options.

      Types Of Fashionable Footwear


      When you are looking for something similar to a loafer, then buy this footwear for men online. They are made of leather and stitched with a soft sole. These generally have tassels, beads, and hand-drawn embellishments on them. These are eccentric and lavish and help to pull out the high-class look.


      When you go online shopping for men's footwear and want a formal look, then check out these open laced shoes that go perfectly with traditional suits and blazers and can also be paired with casual wear. They are also known for their unique feature of Brogueing and W-shaped wingtips.

      Dress Boats

      These are an absolute essential for every man who likes to dress the part. These are trendy men's footwear and it makes a great winter outfit.


      When you buy footwear for men online, then make sure to add one of these to the list. These are ideal for a summer day, and they are not only comfortable but fashionable at the same time.

      Most Fashionable And Trendy Men's Collection

      Explore our collection of trendy men's footwear online and pick the best one from the newest styles of casual shoes, formal shoes, and sports shoes. Who never loves to make a great impression at their work or party by wearing a pair of classy shoes.

      Black Oxfords

      You can find several trendy men's footwear, but the oxfords in black are a classic. These shoes are available in various other colour options these days, but they can hardly compete with the timeless original.

      Monk Strap Men's Shoes

      The next time you go online shopping for men's shoes, be sure to add one of these to your shopping cart. The straps, or the buckles as you call them, make their crucial feature. These are fashionably curved and suitable for all events.

      Saddle Shoes

      These are low-heeled casual men's footwear; they have a plain toe and a decorative midfoot. These are generally made from leather. In the earlier days, the only combination is white shoes with black saddles, but nowadays, they are available in different colours and designs.


      Have you been wondering what to wear with that kurta pyjama set or with the sherwani that you just bought online? Juttis are the best men's footwear to match an ethnic look. These are ethnic Punjabi footwears with motif prints or embroidery on the top. These are generally made from leather, So if you have a wedding coming up, don't forget to add these shoes to the list while buy men's footwear online.

      Cowboy Boots

      These are referred to as climbing boots. They have pointed toes, no laces, and a cub on heel made from cowhide leather and exotic skins.

      Why Choose Maneraa For Buying Men's Footwear?

      Online shopping for men's footwear is no longer an exhausting affair with the user-friendly fuss-free online sites available for shopping. With a surfeit number of options to choose from, it has become easier to buy men's footwear online in this fast-paced world. Pick from our trendy casual footwear for men and make your holidays and parties memorable. Online stores like Maneraa give you the advantage of both with a considerable collection listed on the same site. At the time, it's tiresome to walk through the different stores to choose the right option, but Maneraa provides you with a one-stop solution for all the men's footwear types you require to stand out in the crowd.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How many dress shoes should a man have in his closet?

      These are by far the most fashionable and significant investments a man should make in their shoe closet. It's mandatory to add at least five pairs of dress shoes in your closet to upgrade it.

      2. Can training shoes be worn casually?

      Practically speaking, yes, they can be worn as casual footwear as they are designed to be highly versatile and comfortable. These are commonly worn as compared to other casual footwear.

      3. What is the importance of footwear?

      Primarily footwear was made to fight the environment's adversities; they protect our feet fro0m the ground textures. But now, footwear has a different meaning. They are used to add class to your outfit; a proper selection of footwear helps you stand out in the crowd.

      4. Can loafers be worn for casual events?

      These are one of the most comfortable and elegant footwear and are easy to slip on; they are found in different colours and styles and are the best addition in the casual section.

      5. Can I wear formal shoes with jeans?

      Yes, you can but only opt for the slim-fit or skinny jeans, try out different colours rather than choosing the dark blues and solid blacks.