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Women's Lingerie

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Whenever the word lingerie is used, a typical image of the red lingerie set comes to mind. But in reality, women's lingerie is an array of fashionable undergarments for women, including panties, bras, sleepwear, camisoles, night robe, and a few more. The lingerie sets themselves have alluring and appealing designs apart from the routine basic ones. All the undergarments, especially bras, have been the most complicated garments to be designed and manufactured. On Maneraa, buy women's innerwear online from the latest collection of lacy, printed, seamless, strapless bras along with the bralettes having fancy straps. You may even like the sets of comfy bras panties sets.

Brands across the world are trying hard to innovate the undergarment's demands constantly. Here we have listed some of the styles you must opt for to have a great comfy fit.

Lingerie sets

Women's lingerie set or a bikini set includes a bra and a brief. The main difference between the two of them depends on the occasion it is worn on. The lingerie sets' features are known to complete each other, and they come in multiple styles and colours.

Lingerie essentials

The essentials of innerwear for women include thermal tops, sports bra, swimwear, and few others are also there in the collection. The camisoles and a few other essentials are known to smoothen the body structure and hide the seams caused due to bras. Another must-have product is shapewear that is opted with sarees, gowns, dresses, skirts, and any other outfit you wish to wear. It gives your body an utterly feminine shape for the outfit.


The sleepwear or leisurewear contains nightdresses and satin-smooth cotton suits. These are specially designed to give you a beautiful look as well as a comfy outfit for your nights.

Winter wear

The winter wear innerwear for women includes thermal sets and thermal tops that can be worn alone or under your regular clothes. The padded bras are one of such that not only give good support and enhance the shape but also helps to keep you warm.

Finding the right fit

The key feature of finding the perfect women's lingerie is picking up the one that makes you feel comfortable and feels like skin to your body. We have a quick guide to help you decide the best. Look at the size chart provided on Maneraa to search the bras and briefs that fit your body perfectly. Selecting the wrong size may result in discomfort and may look awkward with your clothes, giving an unnatural look.

Considering the body type

Every woman has her body type and shape. Reject the standard proposals from others and select innerwear for women that suit your body type. We have further discussed body type and innerwear.

Choose correct fabric

A few of the fabrics may result in marks over your skin or cause irritations or allergies. Always prefer branded inner wears and stick to your skin's safe materials and don't cause any discomfort.

Latest Trends In The Women's Innerwear

Maneraa has a massive collection of lingerie that goes well for all body types; just the choice should be made correctly. Out of multiple categories, some of the most opted ones are listed below. Please have a look to understand them better.


To lend your breasts the right support for improving the appearance of having a clean body shape, bras are well known to make you stand out. You can find bras in multiple patterns, designs, and colours; you need to select the one that suits your outfit and preference. If you are wearing a comprehensive neck outfit, go for the balconette bra. To go with the tight body outfit, select the seamless t-shirt bra. For deep neck dresses, plunge bras are perfect for picking.


The right pair of panties in women's innerwear online shopping is not only crucial for the wardrobe collection, but they also let you feel a bit sexier. You can select from a wide range of styles as per your purpose. If you want to avoid the thigh rash, you should opt for the boyleg or boyshorts. To avoid the visible panty lines, opt for the thongs. If you wish to have something for your routine wear, opt for the hipsters and bik