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      Jewellery for women helps you celebrate being a woman, taking pride in the feminine glory, and decorating yourself with charming pieces. Jewellery for women has evolved over a million years ago and is still in fashion with the new updates. In the early stone-age, the parts of jewellery were designed out of stones and shells, which got updated to metals such as gold, copper, silver, platinum, diamond, and many others. From showcasing society's status to bringing a smile on every woman's face, jewellery has always played a significant role in crowning glory.

      Maneraa brings you the exciting opportunity to do online shopping of jewellery for women in India. We bring you various modern designs and old antique jewellery pieces to buy ladies jewellery online. The compelling jewellery pieces will leave you mesmerized, and the purchase of such will make you the proud owner of all the sets directly from Maneraa. The real value of jewellery never lies in the material or the design, but it always lies in the viewer's eyes and its craftsmanship.

      Much like the delicate original jewellery for women that perfectly intimate the look, we have a quality and elegant jewellery collection. Maneraa grants women an astounding array of imitation and oxidized jewellery. Pick up your choice from any of the following such as Kundan, Maang, Tikkas, bangles, stonework, necklaces, pendants, chains, jhumkhas, nose rings, rings, anklets, and many more. We have everything for you right from hand to toe.

      Jewellery is one of the most loved accessories of women. The tradition of adorning the females with jewellery pieces is thousands of years old, but it has still not gone out of fashion. Jewellery is considered the supreme symbol of femininity. The jewellery for ladies brings out the best version of the female's look by adding the perfect touch of grace and elegance. For some people, jewellery is also a part or symbol of their social status.

      Apart from everything, we at Maneraa have jewellery of all types, sizes as well as designs. We have a vast collection of silver, gold, colourful, handmade, paper-made, floral jewellery, and oxidized jewellery. Browse jewellery for ladies section and find the match of your requirement.

      Latest Trends In Jewellery For Ladies

      Maneraa has a comprehensive collection of jewellery in various shapes, designs, and colours for you and your loved ones. Be it for an awaited wedding or a family event, a college farewell, or any event of your school, your party or your best friend's birthday party, Maneraa's jewellery collection is the answer for all your requirements.

      Every piece of jewellery from head to toe has its significance and unique beauty. We have numerous jewellery pieces for you, out of which a few are discussed below. Keep reading.

      Maang Tikkas

      Starting from your head, we have Maang tikkas as a part of women's fashion jewellery. Maang tikkas are well-known to adorn the hair and forehead. Generally, the maang tikkas are worn by brides at their weddings, but nowadays, these have become widely accepted as every woman's favourite ornaments. The latest maang tikkas are designed in such a way that they can be worn on Indian attires as well as western attires too.


      Earrings that never go out of style and are part of women's dressing of all ages. Be it a simple top earring or the long hanging ones, or the traditionally designed Chandbali earrings, they are accepted for every small and big occasion.

      All you need to do is find the perfect pair of fashion jewellery to go with your outfit. For the traditional wear, opt for the jhumkas or the drop earrings to have a feminine touch. Select your favourite state earrings or ear cuffs to fit your evening look. Select the metallic hoop earrings to match your date outfit. The simple stud earrings go well for your everyday look. A wide range of jewellery for ladies is available on Maneraa to let you choose the best.


      Necklace is the piece to adorn your neck. From the uncomplicated elements having gemstone or heavily layered necklaces to the Mangalsutra for the married women, Maneraa has all women's fashion jewellery. Name your requirement in the search bar and immediately find it on our site.

      The specially opted choker necklaces go best for your fusion look, whereas the tribal necklaces help you transform any look into a fusion one. The layered necklaces are paired with deep neck outfits to add beauty and glam. The most straightforward chains and pendants are used for the everyday look.

      Hand Jewellery

      Apart from the head and neckpieces, we also have jewellery for ladies for your hands. The bangles are considered the style for the writing, but they also hold cultural importance. In most parts of India, Bangles are regarded as the essential art of ornaments, especially for the married ladies showing the significance of their husband’s long lives. Apart from bangles, we even have bracelets that give a delicate look to your hands.

      Try our trendy chic hand chains, cuff bracelets, and the mangalsutra bracelets to add up to your look. Also, try different types of bangles, such as colourful brass ones, beaded bangles, tribal bangles, and many more.


      Anklet is another essential part of women's fashion jewellery collection. Anklets are for your ankles to have an attractive look. There are various styles of wearing ankles, and they also come in multiple patterns.


      Finally, finish your look with our wide range of rings in women's fashion jewellery that suit your fingers. You have plenty of styles and sizes of options to select from. From the pearl rings to geometric rings, we have everything in a single place, from the Afghan tribal rings to the cocktail rings. You can also opt for the stackable rings to add some funk to your style.

      Maneraa has a unique collection of every piece of Indian jewellery, and the Bridal sets to understand the importance of femininity. Every girl dreams of having a perfect look for her typical days and special occasions, and we know everyone's needs. Hence, we have an executive range of bridal sets and other ornaments to make your look gorgeous on your special day. Buy ladies jewellery online with Maneraa to have them all.

      Every piece on Maneraa has a work of elegance and perfection that is handpicked by our experts by keeping quality and look in mind. Every women's fashion jewellery will surely win your heart and bring you back to our site again to purchase more.

      Best Deal On Women's Fashion Jewellery Online

      With the diversity in pieces on Maneraa, try mixing the fashion jewellery collection with your outfit to have a different look. The right touch of jewellery can allow you to wear a single outfit in different styles. Gifting the right piece to your loved ones can make them feel special. You can also try out the customized jewellery box or try adding other jewellery as per your choice.

      Tips For Selecting Correct Jewelry For Yourself

      Women always face a hard time selecting the correct fashion jewellery to go with their look. They still have their eyes on the jewellery but are also confused about choosing the correct one. Even selecting the wrong jewellery makes them go off-track. We have a few tips to help you select the correct one for yourself.

      • Shopping jewellery for women online according to your skin tone. It should complement your skin colour, else it will give a tacky look.
      • The selection of jewellery also depends on the kind of makeup you are doing. If you opt for heavy makeup, you should go for delicate jewellery, whereas, with nude makeup, a bit of heavy jewellery goes the best.
      • Also, the choice depends on the type of attire you are wearing. If your dress already has heavy embellishments on it, pairing it with heavy jewellery might give an overlook. Hence, it is essential to maintain proper balance.
      • Go with your comfort, If you are not comfortable with the heavy jewellery, avoid that.
      • Diamonds are always preferred to go best with any dress, be it be traditional or western.
      • Buy ladies jewellery depending on the type of occasion. A wedding or a party may require heavy jewellery but the corporate or formal look always needs minimal pieces.
      • You may also opt for the Indian jewellery with the western outfit or vice versa to make a fusion of both. It is a trending idea in modern times.
      • If you are the one not fond of much jewellery, you may opt for the pair of earrings to add up to your look. Also, you may wear a delicate ring to give your hands a beautiful look.

      Buy Ladies Jewellery From Maneraa

      We at Maneraa always care for our customers, their needs, preferences, and convenience. If you purchase anything from us, we guarantee you the quality of women’s fashion jewellery and allow you to return/replace it if you are not satisfied with it. We work 24 hours to let you have the best piece in your collection. Once you place the order, you are also provided with the tracking id to track your shipment's current position. Additionally, while you buy ladies jewellery online, you can opt for gift wrap by paying few additional charges and sending a personalized message with the gift. It is effortless to browse, add, and purchase the products on our digital store. If you face any problem, you can contact our customer care at any time. We have everything to satisfy your shopping urges.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Which types of jewellery for women are available online?

      Jewellery of every kind including tikkas, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, anklets, waistbands, and a lot are available online.

      2. Why should I do women jewellery online shopping?

      When you buy ladies jewellery online, your time and energy is saved. You can find the products of your requirements in a single place right from the comfort of your home.

      3. Is the online purchase of jewellery for women safe?

      Yes, online purchases are 100% safe and secure. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return or replace it anytime within the specified period. Easy purchase and easy return make online buying safe and acceptable.

      4. What material jewellery for ladies is available?

      Jewellery of all kinds such as gold colour, silver colour, cloth ornaments, floral ornaments, oxidized jewellery, colourful pieces, and many more to meet each of your requirements.

      5. Can I opt for a return if I break my jewellery piece?

      No, you can only return a product if it is delivered damaged. If you break the product by any chance, it cannot be returned.