Girl’s Clothing

Online Shopping for Girl’s Clothes

For every child, their parents are their role models, so they normally want to keep up with the latest trends just like their parents. Online shopping for girl’s clothes allows you to choose the most trendy and cutest options to bring out your child's colourful personality.

Unlike earlier times, clothing is no more just a necessity. It is a fashion statement. You can find different types of dresses available in the girl’s clothing section for all age groups starting from toddlers to teens. Each of these age groups has different requirements as they are on the transitional stage, so we have got varied styles that will suit their unique ages and personalities.

Latest Trends in Girl’s Clothing

Find the latest and the unique trends for your little ones from Maneraa. Choose from the wide colour choices and fabrics according to your child's lifestyle at pocket-friendly prices to add a new twist to your child's outlook.


The next time you go for girl’s clothes online shopping, make sure to add one of these to your list. They ease up the kid's mobility and are available in different sleeve lengths according to the seasons, such as sleeveless, half-sleeves, and full-sleeves. At times these are also referred to as bodysuits and are the best clothes for toddlers.

Clothing Sets

The coordinated clothing sets are the trendiest girl’s clothing these days. Most parents prefer hassle-free clothing. They come with headbands and bow-ties that are accessorized with frills and waistcoats perfect for daily use and special occasions.

Loud Quotes

If you check the latest trends while online shopping for girl’s clothes, you will see that the baby wears t-shirts with loud quotes are right at the top and is a major trendsetter of the year.

Add Appliques

Find girl’s clothing online comes with cute appliques. These are basically 3D designs with added ears and some textures that help keep the kids occupied since children tend to grow at a very rate. It's important to make memories and keep some cute photos in those perfect animal appliques.

Animal Prints

Kids can be a fashionista from a very young age. So dress up your little girl in animal prints and make them look fierce. Just finish the look with simple leggings and sneakers to contrast the look.

Bohemian Look

Girl’s clothing that comes with bohemian prints is really superb. You can finish these outfits with crowns and sandals, and your girl will be all ready for a fashionable look on a special day.

Cargo Pants

Does your child feel that the dresses are too girly for her? Then go for cargo pants. These are very practical and have several pockets all over them. You can pair them with sneakers and t-shirts for a hipster look.


These are back in trend and are a classic style to buy when you go for girl’s clothing online shopping. These classic styles can be on cardigans, tops, and even bags. This adds some extra texture to an outfit and adds interest to an everyday outfit. If you are looking to dress up a simple outfit, wear denim pants with your crochet top or a maxi skirt.


Denim has always been a top trend when parents want to buy new girl’s clothing. You can always top your girl’s dress with a denim jacket and get a classy look; coloured denim is the new favourites. They brighten up the wardrobe.

Different Types Of Girl's Clothing

You can find different types of girl’s clothing online that will surely help your child get a cute and unique look.


You can find an abundant collection of girl's dresses online with huge varieties of styles and colours available to give your child a unique and mesmerizing look.

Tutu Dresses

Tutu dresses are some of the cutest girl’s clothing. They are available in different neck and bodice patterns. These are available in different styles, from crochet floral designs to spaghetti straps. They have mesmerizing flares that fall right below the knees. You can find them in a variety of vibrant colours.

Floral Dresses

Nothing is cuter than a dress with an arrangement of roses and various other flowers that creates a gorgeous look. These have different neck styles and sleeve lengths. These are generally available in nets and satins.

Floral Ruffle Dresses

The next time when you choose online shopping for girl’s clothes, don't forget to add these to your cart. They are very graceful and have beautiful net ruffles that come down like flares.

Tops And T-shirts

Dressing up your child with tops and t-shirts are really enjoyable. Tops and t-shirts are an essential part of the wardrobe, and they can be paired with different bottom wears such as skirts, shorts, jeans, and leggings. There are two types of girl’s clothing in the tops collection, including party wear and casual wear.

Toddler Tops

The vibrant coloured t-shirt from the girl’s clothing category is available in floral prints, geometric designs, and various other styles. These are available in different sleeve types, including short sleeves and long sleeves, and must-have in the girl’s cupboard.

Ruffle Tops

Ruffle Tops add more style to your kid's everyday looks. Ruffle tops with a layer of ruffles that will give a unique and smart look to the dress.

Girl’s Bottom Wear

To finish any look, it is important to pair your tops with the perfect bottom wear. These are available in the form of jeans, trousers, shorts, and skirts for girls.

Skirts And Shorts

If you choose to buy girl’s clothing online, you can find numerous styles that include pleated, flared, and even button-up skirts. These are available in different lengths and are easy to style. On the other hand, if your child is not very fond of skirts, try out the varieties of shorts available in girl’s clothes online shopping. These are made from different fabrics like cotton, denim, etc., and are suitable for a hot summer day. You can easily pair them with sneakers or slippers.

Jeans And Trousers

Even though these are not the best option for toddlers, these are among the favourite bottom wears for young adults. They are stylish, easy to pull off, and are available in different colours and styles. Trousers are a favourite choice for all parents when they buy girl’s clothing as it helps to keep their little ones protected from the wear and tear caused when they go out to play.

Jacket, Sweaters, and Coats

It's essential to keep your child thermally insulated. This is where the role of warm clothing comes in. They not only need to be protective but stylish at the same time. Please choose from our wide range of winter wear when you go online shopping for girls clothes.

Puffer Jackets

You won't require to add extra layers for your kid during the harsh weather, as the puffy areas of this jacket are filled with synthetic fibres that help keep your child warm throughout the day.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are found to be a favourite for those who usually prefer online purchase for girl’s clothes. They are perfect as everyday wear and keep you warm with a casual look. These go best with joggers and denim.

Trench Coats

Trench coats give an effortless look that creates a bold fashion. They are hyped around because of their style and warmth. These can be worn with all types of clothing, such as pants, dresses, and skirts.


The round-neck woollen sweaters are a trend that never dies. You can buy these when you go online shopping for girl’s clothes. Sweaters with embellishments are a good choice if you want to add some cute garments to your child's closets. These are best to handle when your child is playing around or is too exhausted to handle jackets and coats.

Best Deals On Girl’s Clothing Online

Maneraa offers the latest fashion collection when you go online shopping for girl’s clothes. These are available in different options such as bottom wears, tops, and winter wear. We have all the categories covered up on our site at pocket-friendly prices to ensure that you and your child have the best experience when you go for girl’s clothes online shopping from our site.

Why Choose Maneraa For Buying Girl’s Clothes Online?

Finding the most comfortable and cutest clothes for your girls online can be so much fun. But most parents find it hard to choose the latest trendy clothes for their baby girl due to their busy schedules. To ease their work, we have got the widest ranges of clothes for online shopping for girl’s clothes that are sure to match the latest trends and your little girl's personality. From varied colour options to styles, we have got it all. So what are you waiting for? Come and choose the best collection of girl’s clothes from our shop to dress up your little ones like princesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it better to go online shopping to buy clothes for your little girl?

If you prefer hassle-free buying, online shopping is the best choice, as you can get the different products on the same website, starting from bottom wears to tops to even winter wears and don't have to move around in different shops for buying different products.

2. What are the latest trends in girl’s clothing?

If you check out the trends online, you will see that various trends include cargo pants, denim jackets, crochets, fringe details, big sleeves, animal printed leggings, and faux fur jackets.

3. What are the different types of girl’s clothing fabrics?

Cotton is one of the most preferred fabrics for girl’s clothing. These are soft and highly absorbent and are perfect for your baby's skin. Organic fabrics are also suitable because they are void of chemicals.

4. What should children wear in the first three months?

The best option is a bodysuit. They come in different sleeve lengths such as long sleeves, short sleeves, pajamas, and Swaddlers.

5. What are the different types of girl’s clothes available online?

The different types of girl’s clothing include t-shirts, shirts, tops, jeans, shorts, and skirts. You can also buy denim and sweaters online.