Flooring Materials


      Online Shopping for Flooring Products

      The first thing a person observes when they visit your house is the home decor and flooring. So you must have the best quality flooring products that are both durable and fashionable. The best online flooring stores have products categorized under three main categories that are wooden, Vinyl and carpet. There is a lot of effort that goes into building a beautiful house, so go shopping for flooring from the vast collection of products available in our store.

      These are several products that you can add to your house to make it look more appealing such as a rug, carpets and doormats. Most people are stuck with the idea that flooring only means marbles and tiles, and if you are going for a more luxurious look, then you can choose floor carpeting. But there are several other options available out there. While some are familiar others are lesser-known. Each of these products has its advantages in terms of durability, cost and appearance. Shop from the online flooring stores that go best with your home's aesthetics.

      Latest Trends In Flooring Materials

      With innumerous options available for flooring materials it is vital that you know what is the best in terms of durability and cost.

      Wood Look Porcelain

      Don't they sound too good to be true? But these days porcelain tiles with a wooden look are indeed available in the online flooring stores. If you don't take a closer look, you may even mistake them for pure wood. Recently these are widely chosen over the authentic wooden flooring as they are low maintenance and have lesser risks of wear and tears.

      Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

      If you have a cost restraint, but you are looking for a marble finish, then choose the marble look porcelain tiles, these counterparts are very hard to tell apart. These can help you acquire the same beautiful and authentic look.

      Waterproof Vinyl Plank

      The time of the laminations is gone, Vinyl has overtaken the market because of its advantages over them. These are more durable and cost-effective. The water-resistant features make it suitable for installing in bathrooms and kitchens.

      Stained Concrete

      These are best for homes that have a lean and a modernistic look. These go best with mid-century designs and preferred clean and minimalistic look. Go shopping for flooring to get a simplistic and beautiful look.


      These are made from a combination of various elements that includes stone fragments, crushed glass, shells and other organic materials. These are large-format tiles and are made from environmentally conscious materials. These are easier to clean and also reduce the number of grout lines.

      Black And White Tiles

      Are you looking for a bold modern look? Then the next time you go shopping for flooring chose these monochromatic designs that are coming up at the top of the list in terms of trends. These are available in different transitional arrangements and are the best look you can ask for if you are up for a custom finish.

      Slip Resistant Floor

      These are one of the most common materials you will find in an online flooring store. These are generally flooring materials that come in matt finish and are suitable for all households that have children and elders, as the number one reason for accidents can be slipping on a wet floor. These are generally made from Vinyl and linoleum and thus are cost-effective. So, If you have a low budget and you care about the safety of your family more than anything else then buy these from the online flooring stores.

      Engineered Wood

      It has been one of the top choices of all homeowners for ages, they are hard and come in various veneer finishes and the fact that they are made from wood make them sustainable and economical. You can find them in different varieties while you go shopping for flooring. Still, the three most popular finishes are oak, mahogany and ash as they are hard and less photosensitive than their alternatives.

      Types Of Floorings Materials Available Online

      These are several types of options available in the online flooring stores. You can choose according to your needs and desires. The broadly classified categories include:


      These are naturally occurring materials and are generally associated with style and lavishness. These are available in various colour options that include black, grey and different shades of white. These are high lasting, and the porous nature of the material makes it one of the best options for shopping for flooring materials. These are a little towards the steeper side when concerned with the price, and the low-quality stones tend to turn yellow due to natural occurrences.


      These have become of the most popular options when it comes to flooring. They are composed of a mixture of clay and several other minerals such as silica, quartz and feldspar. These have low water absorption rates and are more durable. These are available in large varieties of designs, colours, prints and textures. It is an affordable option for both indoors and outdoors and comes in various finishes including matte, glossy and anti-skid.


      If you plan on going online shopping for flooring products, then make sure to go for vinyl flooring. These are an extremely versatile option and are available at reasonable prices. They are found in designs which stimulate hardwood and stone finishes. These are both stain-resistant and water-resistant and are inexpensive. Its disadvantage is that it is not scratch resistant and has low susceptibility to discolouration. But these are the best options for people who are looking for a warm material that replicates the appearance of hard flooring.

      Hardwood Flooring

      They are popular even though they are high-maintenance. These are available in different varieties that include strips, planks and parquet patterns. These are durable and low-maintenance and are available in different shades which are complementary to various decor themes. Even though these are the best choice in terms of aesthetics, they have certain disadvantages such as cost, wear and tear and even cause squeaks and noises after a certain period.


      You can find them in different colour options when you go online shopping for flooring products. These are the preferred choice when you need a sophisticated environment. These have high stain-resistance and high durability. It is suitable for places that are hot in most months of the year as the stone helps to keep the floor cold.


      It is gaining popularity because of its durability and toughness. These are easy to install and are resistant to stains and water damage. These are available in diverse patterns and finishes that make them an excellent choice for various home decor styles. While shopping for flooring materials, make sure to ask for the slip-resistant tiles. These have one major disadvantage that they can't be re-polished or re-used and have to be replaced entirely.


      It is an eco-friendly material available in the online flooring stores. These are produced from linseed oil, cork, dust and resin. These are highly versatile and cost-effective, but they are not scratch-resistant and can only be used in areas with low footfall.


      These are the best choices for the living room. These are available in different styles, colours and patterns. These cushioned surfaces help to absorb sound, and the insulating property provides additional warmth during the winter seasons. These are generally treated with static, stain and soil resistant treatments and are thus easy to clean and maintain. Choose these according to your interior decoration when you go online shopping for flooring products.

      Living Room

      A living room should have an area that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. One of the best options is marble flooring or tiles that look like marble but are more affordable.


      It is the area that has the most traffic and is prone to more damage, so they should be durable and easy to maintain. Quartz, linoleum and graphite are the best options as they are non-porous, resistant to staining and also low-maintenance.


      When it comes to bedroom flooring, you can choose to go for carpets, or you can choose laminates which are inexpensive, easy-to-maintain and do not expand or contract with temperatures.


      You need to be very careful when you go online shopping for flooring products for your bathrooms as they can be extremely dangerous if they are not slip-resistant and have a glossy texture. You can choose ceramic tiles with a protective layer whereas you can opt for Vinyl tiles if you are looking for a low-cost option. Always make sure to have skid resistant tiles in the bathroom to prevent accidents.

      Best Deal On Online Flooring Stores

      Flooring is an art that helps to bring life to the home decor. Recently there are various options available on the online flooring stores for customers to choose from depending on the environment or aesthetics of the house. Choose the type of flooring that suits your needs and your budget from the vast options of colours, textures and materials available.

      Why Choose Maneraa For Online Flooring?

      It's not only your wardrobe that needs a makeover seasonally, but your floorings need one too, all you need to do is choose the best, durable and the most affordable choice to match your home decor. Pamper yourself with the vast collection of flooring materials available at our store. Whether you are building a new home or renovating it, we got you covered with the best and inexpensive flooring materials.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is it okay to use the same flooring throughout the household?

      There is nothing wrong with using the same flooring throughout the house, but it's better to have variations, than having a monotonous scheme.

      2. What are the best pocket-friendly flooring materials?

      The best pocket-friendly flooring materials include laminates and vinyl tiles.

      3. Can you put flooring over another flooring?

      Yes, you can as long as the below surface is layered.

      4. Are wide planks still in trend?

      Yes, wider planks are inevitably still in trend.

      5. What is the most common flooring colour?

      The most common colours in terms of flooring include greys, shades of black and white and a wooden finish.