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      Buy Footwears for Boys Online

      From the day your kid had set foot in your house, you have spent ample time seeing them grow and become stronger. With time they started to take those little steps, and that is when you first found the need to provide them with the most comfortable and soft pair of shoes to help them continue their adventures in life. We have got the widest and the trendiest collection of boy's footwear that will help your little boy grow and lead a healthy and exciting life.

      Be classy sportswear, or breezy winter wear, or even footwear for boys that best suits an ethnic event; we have got it all. We have got the best quality shoes from top-notch brands to match your little one's colourful personality. The best thing for growing feet is to have a great pair of shoes that provides absolute comfort; at this age, boys generally outgrow their shows in just a couple of months as they tend to transit from one stage to another at a fast rate. Finding the right pair of boy’s footwear might be a tedious job in such cases, so make sure to buy a few pairs of shoes that are correctly fitted and a few that might come in handy when your boy outgrows them.

      A perfect fit for the boy's shoes is essential to provide a healthy growth of the feet and provide the ultimate protection for those tiny delicate feet. Buy boy’s footwear that is not oversized or too small, as an improper fit may impair your child's feet forever. In their transitional years, boys tend to be very active and mischievous, and thus their footwear needs to be sustainable so that they can withstand the extreme stress. So when you buy boy’s footwear, choose the ones that are made from premium quality materials and are long-lasting. For the cost-effective, extended-lasting quirky models, choose to purchase footwear from our online store.

      Trendy Footwears For Boys Online

      The main criteria for choosing a boy's footwear is reliability and comfort.


      It is an evergreen fashion trend for boys of all ages. These are suitable for sportswear and a casual walk or for getting a relaxed look with those cute little trousers. The sneakers with bright contrasting colours are in trend these days. Several rich colour options are available, including blues, reds, greens, and yellows. Choose the right colours to get a stylish look for your prince.

      Slip-on Shoes

      These shoes are easy to wear and take off and are very comfortable at the same time. Due to their ease of wearing, these can help build your child's motor skills from a very early age. The checkered slip-on is one of the most sought for shoes in the kid's collection.


      These are a trend that is essentially a favourite for both children and adults alike. These have a cheeky touch to them that is liked by all. Buy footwear for boys with candy-coloured laces.


      It is an absolute favourite when you want to buy boys footwear online for casual events. They are an excellent option for a hot summer day, and the suede moccasins are stylish and highly practical. They are available in different elegant colour options such as brown, black, and blue.


      Winters are a season when you need to choose boy's footwear that will keep them covered and warm, in such cases the traditional boots are the best option, they are elegant and trendy and are suitable to be worn with both trousers and jeans. Desert boots in both light colours and dark colours are fashionable in this season. You may also get Chelsea leather boots in brown, black, and grey colours. The new trends in boots also include waterproof boots with cartoon and nature motifs, and finally, go for the classic ankle-length leather boots, which have higher altitude.

      Different Types Of Boy’s Shoes

      According to the different styles and trends, there are different types of footwear for boys available online according to the comfort level and the age group.

      High Top Sneakers

      These are the best choice for boys' footwear; they are suitable for all occasions and every purpose; these generally have a zipper at the side and straps to get a comfortable fitting. These shoes are available in different pastel colours, but if you have a four-year-old child, you can try out bright colours.

      Party Shoes

      These types of footwear for boys are dynamic and an excellent option for all parties and weddings. These generally have laces at the top and have unique colour combinations. These can be teamed up with different outfits to pull out different looks; these are highly comfortable and are comfortable for walking and all other activities.

      Sports Shoes

      Buy footwear for boys from the sports section since all age groups of boys love to be engaged with sports activities throughout their day, so in such cases, you must choose a shoe that is both comfortable and rough and compact so that they have less effect on the boy's foot. Try colourful and attractive options to pick from and make sure that it has a padding layer, so the tender feet are protected from all kinds of injuries while playing.

      Leather Shoes

      As the kids grow up, they tend to follow their parents in terms of style and trends. They try their best to appear smarter to the elders. In such cases, the leather shoes with soft bottoms help enhance the look and make it the ideal shoe for parties and for getting a comfortable style at the same time. Find trendy leather footwear for your little ones who want to prove that they are all grown up.

      Spider-Man Shoes

      Kids, especially boys, are always curious about their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters and want their sketches and embellishments on their personal belongings. So buy boy’s footwear for all the superhero lovers with decorations, whether it is the marvels of the DC characters. They look extremely lively, and your kids remain excessively joyful wearing them.

      Daily Shoes

      Daily wear shoes can also be used for parties and sports activities. These shoes are stretchable, have a soft bottom, and lend a lot of comfort to those tender feet. These are available in different colour options and motifs and can be teamed up with different types of outfits that are preferable for the young boys.

      Canvas Shoes

      Canvas is one of the best options when you go online shopping for boys' footwear as they are light-weighted and highly comfortable to wear. These are perfect for all sports activities and daily use as well. The lightweight tends to aid the small feet and is also available in different designs and colour options.

      Kids of any group love having a collection of latest fashionable shoes for different purposes; they are not content with limited options. And the main point is that the elders tend to look stylish and fashionable, then why should the young ones fall back in the game. Maneraa offers the trendiest collection of footwear for boys online.

      Footwear According To The Different Age Groups

      Children are growing continuously, and in their transitional stage, they require different types of footwear to meet their requirements.

      For Four Years And Younger

      Buy footwear with a rounded edge that provides more balance and increases stability that reduces the chances of stumbling and falling. Also, make sure that the shoes have the perfect fit, are flexible, and breathable for maximum protection. Since toddlers have wider feet, it's thoughtful to get footwear like a broader cut and soft soles canvas.

      For Four To Eight Year Old Boys

      It's beneficial to wear easy-on shoes, these are stretchable, and most have Velcro closures that are easy for kids to wear and take off. The no-tie footwear for boys is also a smart choice as boys at this age don't like dealing with typing up their laces. Another favourite option among young boys is the high top leather trainers that are both comfortable and fashionable.

      For Eight To Twelve Year Old Boys

      At this age, you must buy footwear that equally distributes and absorbs shocks like the traditional running shoes, as at this age, kids enter middle school in which they engage in several activities. Kids have gone through maximum brain development at this age and can easily tie their laces by themselves, so the high-rise and low-rise sneakers in the boy's footwear collection are an essential addition to the wardrobe.

      Best Deal On Boy’s Footwear Online

      We have a variety of all types of shoes available on our site at the best prices. Buy footwear for boys from our wide collection of casual shoes, formal shoes, and sports shoes available at affordable prices. Be sure to find comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes that are sure to help your little ones during their childhood days, as proper footwear is essential to lay down the stepping stones.

      Why Choose Maneraa For Boys Footwear?

      Your experience is guaranteed to be the best when you choose to buy footwear for boys from our site. We provide a one-stop solution for your little ones by putting up a range of footwear in different colours, sizes, and styles suitable for kids of varying age groups.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How fast does a kid's foot grow?

      The younger the child, the faster is the growth. A child generally grows up to nine sizes in the first three years, and the development seems to slow down after this age even though it is consistent.

      2. What are the different types of shoes available for a boy?

      The different types of boy's shoes available in the market include boats, moccasins, sneakers, slip-on, slippers, canvas, and other sports shoes.

      3. Are different designs of shoes required for different age groups?

      Yes, boys of different age groups require shoes of different size, designs and patterns to fit them perfectly.

      4. Are slip-on shoes a better option than laced shoes?

      When it comes to kids, they tend to like shoes that are easy to put on and not waste their time tying laces.

      5. What are the different types of boots available for boys?

      You can find authentic leather boots, Chelsea boots, and even waterproof boots with motifs.